Fah Trah

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Fah Trah
A sludge night drawn by Sam Bosma
General Information
Race: Elemental
Date of Birth: VIII.4.487
Country of Origin: Arangoth
Hair Color: Sludge
Eye Color: Sludge
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Additional Information
Aliases: Arbiter of Trash, Trash Paladin
Religion: Our Lady of Filth
Creed: I will follow Our Lady of Filth til the end of days
Occupation: Paladin of Our Lady of Filth, Drache’s Waste Management
Income: Middle Class
Marital Status: Eternally devoted to Our Lady of Filth
Player: Gudrun/AbsoluteUnit


Fah Trah was birthed from alchemical wastes recklessly dumped in the Forest Reserve. He would have been killed on sight if it weren’t for then Spells-Sargeant (now Spells-Commander) LayTrayin Chasingfire discovering that he is sapient. Laytrayin lead him to the Back Alley where he gained mass by feeding on the refuse of the common rabble. Then he infiltrated the sewers. It was there that he discovered his true calling as a follower of Our Lady of Filth, also known as the Unnamed Goddess of the Elemental Plane of Filth. He began targeting undead as trash, then was nearly incinerated in the sewers by an insane vampire dwarf.

Eventually people from the Mage Guild studied him and determined he’d be useful as a waste management strategy for the city. Fah Trah thus was given a plot of land for a waste dump. He now spends his time collecting, sorting, and decomposing trash and building a trash cathedral - otherwise known as the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Filth - from whatever he can.

Every night, pieces of Fah Trah are sent into the city to collect waste, which is brought back to his dump. These pieces of him function more like golems with a limited set of functions, though they’re still very much a part of the trash elemental. The Trash Collectors have a humanoid shape, albeit of a lumpy quality, and often wear tattered clothing to disguise their appearance for the sake of Dracheans. Their stench is undeniable despite their attempts to mask their true nature. People can and do start altercations with Trash Collectors, but the weak things disintegrate easily. Later on, another Trash Collector will pick up the pieces of his brethren and return to Fah Trah’s dump.


Fah Trah's temperament after declaring his devotion to Our Lady of Filth became less angry, more passionate and focused. He'll often try to proselytize about Our Lady of Filth to those who wander into his dump to pick trash. He’s still rude and demanding of others.

Physical Description

Fah Trah’s shape is amorphous, but to get by in the city he’s taken on a basic humanoid figure. He’s not skilled at altering his appearance however and still looks sludgy no matter what he does. Initially he used dead vermin’s rotten eyes for crude vision, but he now sees in a form of blindsight that detects energy, decay, and entropy. He feeds on the energy and minerals contained within decaying/discarded materials.

As a trash elemental, Fah Trah has a pungent odor that's mixed with noxious gasses that can be overwhelming to others’ senses.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • Carpentry: Fah Trah can create structures out of discarded materials. His sludge when combined with dirt makes an excellent mortar or adhesive to hold shapes together.
  • Public Speaking: Fah Trah is a confident and eloquent orator.
  • Pseudopod: Sludge can be extended as tendrils at a distance up to 30ft to ensnare a subject before the tendril’s integrity is compromised.
  • Noxious Gas: Fah Trah produces a foul odor paired with gasses as a racial trait. By will, Fah Trah can increase the production of these odorous gasses to cause nausea and difficulty concentrating in subject(s) within a 10ft radius for as long as they are exposed to the gas.

Magic Skills

  • Decompose: On touch and by willpower, Fah Trah’s sludge can magically decompose organic matter at an accelerated rate and turn it into raw energy for himself. This doesn’t work well on living organic matter such as rooted plants or living humanoids, but he can severely damage skin due to its nature as a fast growing and dying organ. This is a very effective against the undead. Prolonged contact per round means increased disintegration. Clothing from natural fibers is susceptible to Decompose.
  • This Corrosion: On touch and by willpower, his sludge can change to corrode metals into a rusted and deteriorated state. It takes 3 rounds for him to eat a hole through steel and 6 rounds to eat through stronger metals.
  • Detect Auras: Fah Trah is blind but has a magic form of vision. He can detect living, entropic, decaying, and undead energies around him as different visual patterns.
  • Rotten Sight: Fah Trah’s sludge can give the ocular organs of dead creatures false life by imparting his energy into them. This form of vision is crude and seldom used.
  • A Blessing from Our Lady of Filth: The Goddess of Filth channels her energy through Fah Trah into objects he wields to give them a blessing/enchantment. The blessing can be: protection from undeath, meaning the object prevents the wielder from being turned undead, increased damage to undead by expedited decomposition similar to his Decompose magic, or turning sludge into fresh water and vice versa. He can only do this with the Goddess’ blessing (i.e. for purposes that progress a story).



  • Just his bare sludge.


  • Decrepit Plate Armor: Fah Trah never accepts anything in new condition. He salvages discarded armor from unfortunate (read: deceased) adventurers and attaches the pieces to his sludge for protection against bludgeoning damage.


  • All the tools are broken