Finster Covax

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Finster Covax
Finster Covax; goblin
General Information
Full Name: Finster Covax
Race: Goblin
Gender: Male
Age: 317
Country of Origin: Bahrkul, Bahr
Eye Color: Yellow-Green
Height: 4'03"
Weight: 65 lbs
Additional Information
Aliases: Fin
Occupation: Floxod (Minkbrantha)
Income: Nobility
Marital Status: Single
Player: Ingrid


Born and raised in Bahrkul, Bahr by wealthy parents, Finster was the sole heir to his parents’ estate when they died under questionable circumstances. Given his size and frail stature, Finster was never given to fighting and instead focused much of his energy on studying history and languages. When he grew more interested in studying magic, the goblin knew he would have to leave Bahr to make much progress in that area. Over the years, he lived comfortably but beneath his means, investing the inheritance from his parents and growing his wealth significantly. Eventually, Finster had enough to pack up and settle down elsewhere, eventually choosing Minkbrantha for his new home.

As a goblin, Finster has often struggled with generally being treated disrespectfully in the human-focused society he’s been trying to integrate into. Desirous of more power and the respect that comes with it, the goblin took some time to settle some land within Minkbrantha, until the day finally came that he felt ready to approach the Sithire and request a title of nobility as a Floxod of Minkbrantha.


Finster is generally very self-serving, but he's mastered the art of appearing generous, humble and friendly in order to help with being accepted into a non-goblin society. He values knowledge and education above all else, and intends to build a college on his lands in Minkbrantha.

Physical Description

Standing a mere 4'03", the little goblin is a frailer example of his race, clearly not built for battle. His haunting, yellow-green eyes are bulbous with dark circles beneath and look far too large for his little bald head. But they're clever eyes, calculating and full of intelligence. His large ears stick out several inches to either side, one of them pierced with a solid gold ring, the other missing a small piece, and both sprouting long, dark grey hairs. His complexion is deathly pale with just a touch of a green tint to it. He has no real lips to speak of, with a row of tiny pointed teeth in his small mouth. His voice is about what one would expect based on his appearance: somewhat whispy and decidedly raspy. Finster's nose isn't much to speak of either, consisting mostly of a just barely perceptible nub and the nostrils themselves in the middle of his face. Black, inch-long claws grow out from the ends of his fingers. The goblin, while quite delicate-looking, moves with grace and appears to suffer no particular weakness. He dresses in fine clothing--usually expensive trousers and leather boots, a patterned silk vest and scarf beneath a wool jacket, and always with a multi-colored blue and purple stone fixed to one lapel.

Finster is almost always accompanied by his two personal guards, Ella and Barth.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • Highly intelligent/well-educated
  • Can be extraordinarily charming for a goblin

Magic Skills

  • Finster has a range of knowledge concerning magic, but has no magical skills beyond a goblin's long life.



  • Guards Ella and Barth are equipped with high-quality but otherwise mundane weaponry


  • Guards Ella and Barth are equipped with high-quality but otherwise mundane armor