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Natural Habitat: Sresar Vale, grasslands. Isles of Myst, Mwayambi, Thontaran Steppe, Tollor, Kahlahra, Sresar Vale
Classification: Rodent
Average Size: 6 in long
Average Weight: 7 lbs
Coloring: brown
Distinguishing Features: fur is wool like


Its brown fur is rather motley, hanging very much like wool and dropping in 'cords' to keep the animal warm. Its pointed, upright ears are sensitive to the most minute of sounds, and the two large front teeth have been said to nibble straight through the thickest of wood. A tapering scaled tail often helps it balance when trying to get through high, slender beams of barns and other places the animals live.


Normally this rodent lives in the grasslands, but it will make its home inside barns and slightly inhabited buildings, normally up in the rafters. The rodent has also been known to live in trees to escape local predators. Though this rodent normally is found in the Sresar Vale they can be found even so far as Drache.

Breeding Habits

Gobbers have no specific mating season and breed any time in the year. Unlike most members of the rodent family, they have a longer conception period of 111 days (approximately 4 months). Their young are born fully developed, completely furred and with eyes open. It is possible that the Gobber has managed to survive even despite the hunts for them because it only takes four months for the Gobber to become sexually active and able to bear its own litter.

Other Characteristics

Gobbers do quite well even though there is an organized hunt for them, once a year, in the Sresar Vale. Called "The Gobber Get", this hunt is a great ordeal in that area with festivals, dances, contests, and of course, Gobber Pudding. One of the only dishes that Gobbers can be used in, most traditional recipes call for the livers of several animals, apple pulp, and various spices.