Goliath Scorpion

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Goliath scorpion
Natural Habitat: Najjir
Classification: Insect
Average Size: 10-30' long, 4-20' high
Average Weight: 200-800 lbs
Coloring: Dark brown to black
Distinguishing Features: Size, huge pinchers, large stinger


Goliath scorpions are 10 to 30 foot long arthropods that bury in the sand of the Fareedah. No one knows how they came about, what they eat or what their purpose is but they’re a serious threat to any traveler. Emshi tribes have slain a few of these scorpions – their tail glands carry the deadliest venom in Najjir and their chitinous skin is used to make prized suits of plate armor.

Qarsythian scholars studying scorpion remnants brought back by adventurers and Emshi surmise that the scorpions may have a symbiotic relationship with the crystal formations in the region, which are actually alive somehow.


Goliath Scorpions can be found in Najjir's Crystal Frontier.

Breeding Habits

Other Characteristics