Great Wolf

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Great Wolf
Natural Habitat: Zul Kiras, Grasslands, woods. Leturia, Elvendeep, Kahlahra, Arangoth
Classification: Mammal
Average Size: 4-5 feet high at shoulder, 4.9 - 5.5 ft in length
Average Weight: 175 to 200 lbs
Coloring: Black/brown
Distinguishing Features: Normal wolf markings

A species of wolf that resides in Zul Kiras. The differences are slight: increased size, but not qualifying for 'dire', and a darker pelt. Despite small litter sizes they're hardy enough to be plentiful despite being hunted for their fur and meat.


The Great Wolf resembles a normal wolf in most ways outside of being larger and normally black and brown shades. Body style and fur length resembles that of the standard forest wolf, features and head shape as well, just on a larger scale. Normally the wolves have eyes of a darker shade, deep brown or black and sometimes gray. During the winter they grow a downy undercoat of a cream shade making them lighter in appearance.

Though the great wolf mirrors it's smaller and more diminutive and normal cousin, there are legends about a pure black wolf that rivals even the large animal in size.


Though the normal habitat of the Great Wolf are areas of grasslands and wooded regions they have been seen in other types of environment and aren't strictly confined to any one area. These animals hunt in packs and normally end up moving around anywhere that a steady supply of food can be found.

Mainly these wolves can be found in Zul Kiras though they will range out in attempts to find good breeding grounds and good hunting grounds. It is uncommon to find a lone great wolf but when they are seen it is possible to see the creature far away from the normal grounds of the packs. A lone Great Wolf is even more dangerous than those running in a pack because it is more likely that it will react with aggression as an instinctual response. Needing to protect only itself without the pack to back it up, the wolf is necessarily more hostile.

Breeding Habits

Wolves bear relatively large pups in small litters compared to other species. The average litter consists of 5–6 pups, with litter sizes tending to increase in areas where prey is abundant, pups are usually born in spring, coinciding with a corresponding increase in prey populations. Pups are born blind and deaf, and are covered in short brownish cream fur that darkens with age.

Like the Wolfskill clan that protects and worships these animals they mate for life, instead of fighting for rights to mate as most believe. The death of a mated wolf is something to be seen as a tale of devotion and heart break in nature. On the death of their mate the one that is left behind will lie down beside them, if they are among the pack the rest of the pack normally ranges out about the pair and sets up a howling tribute to the death of not only one but both of their fellows. When the cry of the pack dies down as though one has been predetermined as the chosen executor, one wolf attacks the still living mate and kills them. If the pair are not with the pack at the time of death, the mate left living will stay with its partner and waits until death comes from starvation or another beast attacks it.

Other Characteristics

Normally the pack size of the Great Wolf ranges anywhere between 6 - 10 wolves in a group though as the population of them expands they can reach up to anywhere between 15 - 20 in a pack. Normally packs this large either splinter off into two smaller groups or there is fighting among the males as too many in one pack results in confrontation over the alpha male position.

Stories and legends have been told of a pure Black Wolf with blue eyes. This found particular in the Wolfskill clan stories of their god but the tales of actual sightings of this wolf are difficult to directly attribute to fact because of the widely varying amount of detail that witnesses use. The most cohesive statements tell that the Black Wolf is larger even than the normal Great Wolf, standing closer to 6ft in height at the shoulder and 6ft or more in length, a massive 250lb body, with bright blue eyes.

Nomadic in accordance to food they seem to have incredible endurance of both hardships and hunting.