Grey Bison

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The grey bison is a large herd animal named for the color of their pelt.

Grey bison
Natural Habitat: Colder climates. Alesian Imperium, Panguro
Classification: Mammal
Average Size: 9' long, 5'+ at shoulder
Average Weight: 2,000+ lbs
Coloring: Dusky grey, lighter in winter


The fur of the grey bison has a dusky, gray hue. These herd animals are great in both size and strength. They are over 5 ft high at the shoulder, as long as 9 feet, and weigh over a ton. It's said that even the Amur Tiger has trouble taking down these animals. In winter these animals shed their gray coat for an even paler version.


Grey bison are found in cold steppes across Siveth, from Panguro to the Alesian Imperium. They flourish wherever there is air cold enough for their dense pelts and enough grass for their massive herds.

Breeding Habits

The grey bison breeds twice a year but only bears one calf per cow in each breeding season. These animals are fiercely protective their young, which are always surrounded by the elders when migrating. Once a calf is born it is taken care of by the entire herd without consideration for which animal was its mother.

Other Characteristics

The grey bison stampede and migrate in regimented formations, with certain animals assigned definite roles. Some bison serve as lookouts, some as guards, and some as first-responders to approaching threats. Even those who hunt the bison as a way of life only succeed in taking the older and infirm animals who seem to deliberately sacrifice themselves to let the rest of the herd escape unscathed. There are stories told of wizards who have set out to prove their might by taking out a herd of bison only to be humiliated by the clever beasts.

While there is no other sign of classic intelligence in the bison, armies across Veth study their intricate behavior as part of basic training in strategy. It is said that any commander who could outsmart a herd of grey bison could conquer the world.