Ingrid Harrington

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General Information
Full Name: Ingrid Harrington (or Fontaine)
Race: Human (Mage)
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Country of Origin: Corvantis (Different world/realm)
Arrival on Siveth Portal created to escape into Siveth
Hair Color: Black with bright blue streaks
Eye Color: Light blue
Height: 5'03"
Weight: 135
Additional Information
Aliases: Theo; Theoris
Occupation: Spy/Thief
Income: Lives as peasant, but has comfortable+ income
Marital Status: Single
Player: Ingrid


Ingrid traveled to this world from her own, though I have yet to actually name the world she comes from. The land where she spent most of her life is called Corvantis.

Ingrid was born to noble parents, Charlotte Harrington (going by Blackwood) and Jack Fontaine. When Ingrid was eight years old, she and her mother were forced to flee their home when her father attempted to sell the child to a dangerous necromancer by the name of Delano Kelly. Fontaine eventually caught up with his wife and daughter, killing Charlotte. Ingrid escaped, however, and eventually joined the infamous thieves guild of a city called Furcht. Ingrid now uses her mother's surname, Harrington.

Eventually, the necromancer hired a hunter to track Ingrid down, a man named Atlas Drake. In an effort to flee from both, Ingrid escaped to this world, where she's been ever since. Drake has since followed her here, though has yet to successfully capture her.

Ingrid owns a large share of a restaurant in Drache, called the Fisherman's Folly, but also remains a practicing thief and has recently been working as a spy. Apart from once when she first started training, Ingrid has only once been caught in the act one other time (by Maledicia, for whom she now works).


Ingrid is generally friendly and kindhearted, but considers herself a bit of a coward, despite having risked her life on more than one occasion to save others. In the past, she's struggled with opium addiction, though has recently sworn it off (and has so far been successful). She still drinks, but doesn't have a tendency to get drunk very often. In place of the opium-laced cigarettes she'd been smoking, Ingrid has switched to smoking regular tobacco. She is also known to prefer prostitutes over casual partners; in her experience, prostitutes tend to be less complicated.

Ingrid has a fairly nervous disposition and often suffers from anxiety. Having something to focus on, however, such as an interesting book or a job, tends to help distract her from her nervousness. Ingrid also tends to be very forgiving when it comes to people she considers friends, and is aware that she is often too trusting in some situations.

She particularly enjoys reading and learning new things.

Physical Description

Ingrid has several earrings and facial piercings (lip, septum and left eyebrow). She has a network of tattoos, most of them only in black ink, covering her arms, back, shoulders and sides, though these are almost always hidden by her usual attire: black leather leggings and boots, and a white linen shirt with long sleeves beneath a black vest. Most of her tattoos are text, in a variety of languages, all of them quotes from poems, stories and songs that she likes. Some of these are accompanied by related imagery, such as the quote on her inner forearm "I've come for the Beekeeper" beneath the image of a bee permanently sketched in black ink on her skin. She is also missing the pinky and ring fingers from her left hand, but covers this by wearing black gloves for the time being.

Other notable text tattoos:

-"Ich bin die Ecke aller Räume / Ich bin der Schatten aller Bäume" ("I am the corner of every room / I am the shadow of every tree")

-"We are the dying / We are the damned"

-"Más vale que digan aquí corrió que aquí murió" ("Better they said 'here she ran' than 'here she died'")

-"We have lingered in the chambers of the sea / By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown / Till human voices wake us, and we drown."

-"Wählt der Schreitende den Pfad oder der Pfad den Schreitenden?" ("Does the walker choose the path or the path the walker?")

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • General thieving skills: sneaking, pickpocketing, lockpicking, sleight of hand
  • Speaks multiple languages

Magic Skills

  • Blink/Hookshot spell: Ingrid can move almost instantly up to 20 ft by casting this spell at a solid surface, such as the ground or the edge of a building's roof. It's not quite a teleport, as she needs a clear line of sight to the target and cannot pass through walls or other solid objects. It can be aimed at/through a window, but this comes with the risk of injury as the glass will shatter around her. Ingrid can cast this spell up to four times per hour or so.
  • Spells for stealth: muffling spells that silence her footsteps/heartbeat/breathing (can maintain for up to thirty minutes); lockpicking spells for magical/enchanted locks (obviously she can't crack every lock without fail, but can generally manage most); shadow/light manipulation, wherein Ingrid manipulates the shadows and light around her to work in her favor and help to conceal her (can be maintained for up to thirty minutes alongside muffling spells, but external changes in the light can sometimes break this type of spell)
  • Minor glamours: Ingrid can permanently alter her appearance to a limited extent; the blue in her hair, for example, is a glamour; she is also working on being able to change her facial features just enough to be not quite recognizable as the same person, but so far cannot make very big changes to her appearance.



  • A nice quality but otherwise mundane dagger


  • Boots: enchanted to muffle her footsteps
  • No other specialized armor/clothing


  • "Bag of holding": Ingrid's satchel is enchanted to hold more than its size/weight would suggest; its capacity is roughly equal to that of a medium-sized closet