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Province: Rashnad
Population: 150,000
Predominate Races: Mingits, Rashnaditz, Thons, Khalars, Berjerons, Xiunlans, Nipangui, Halflings
Currency: Various
Government: Independent City-State

One of the wealthiest city-states of the continent, Kazamki is nearly mythical to the typical Arangothian peasant.

Today's Kazamki is a city of sandstone and exotic bazaars, with pockets of myriad races besides the native Kazitz, who are ancestrally a mix of Kasheeditz and Leskrai. Mingits, as usual, find their place here, along with web-footed Rashnaditz, tall Thons, and swarthy Khalars. Black-skinned Berjeron mariners rub elbows with a hefty Xiunlan and Nipangui population. And these are only the races an Arangothian might recognize: countless others, like a race of wily turbaned Halflings, find their home among the baking streets and incensed alleyways.

Origins & History

Long ago, Kazamki was the capital of the bronze age kingdom of Kasheed. It was conquered in time immemorial by the raiding Leskrai, who adopted much of its culture. More recently, it became the nominal possession of the Rashnaditz, though this truly results in only a tribute to The Golden Tent every year and a promise of military conscripts in times of war.

Kazamki lies on the far side the Baevthe Vithnegon, the Dead River, across an inhospitable desert inhabited by strange nomads, then up the shallow Imke River to a remote sea. Tellingly then, in what few songs it is mentioned, it is called alternately Kagamki, Kashaamki, Sheskrai, or Seaward. However, a great deal of those goods reaching Drache by way of Telemenx/Taranor come across the desert road from Kazamki. This great metropolis is one of the few ports on the Silver Sea, which leads into the northern currents of the Eastern Ocean.


Kazamki is an Independent City-State and therefore governs itself separately from the rest of Rashnad.

Layout & Architecture

Kazamki's streets and alleyways are a winding maze of bazaars and shops, with residential areas scattered throughout, usually sectioned off by race or ethnic group.

Laws & Customs

Goods come from all over the Eastern Ocean and northern countries to Kazamki before making the long trek through the desert. Coffee, sugar and ivory from the dark continents to the north, fine weapons and tea from the Road of the World to Panguro, tea and other exotic goods from the magical flying ships of Xiunhai-La, and dozens of other merchants of various mysterious origins. In return, it ships out silver, iron, glass and all the other exports of Veth.