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City Information
Realm Najjir
Province Annaki
Population Unknown
Established Unknown
Currency None
Government Senate of Merchant Houses
Head of State None
Religion Various

Origins & History

The Western tribes have for centuries clustered around the large Annaki river that runs north, parallel to the Rockjaw Mountains on Najjir’s Western border. Though this area doesn’t get much rainfall, the river provides enough water to sustain large agriculture. In order to stay competitive with the coalescing powers of their eastern neighbors, the tribes and towns around Annaki have come together to form the confederation of Khorzem.


Khorzem doesn’t have a true monarch. It is ruled by a senate of merchant houses, the heads of which vote on everything administrative. There are five main players and and dozens of smaller entities that throw their support behind one house or another in a complex system of shifting alliances. Khorzemi politics are replete with espionage and assassination – not for the faint of heart. To be born in a Khorzemi merchant family is to be born into intrigue.

Layout & Architecture

Khorzem is a port city sitting on a cozy inlet at the mouth of the river.

Laws & Customs

The population of Khorzem is mostly human. One of the merchant houses, Dar al-Chalib is dominated by other races who have immigrated from the neighboring territory. The non-merchants are mostly agriculturalists who sell their wares through the Khorzemi port. The port also moves large quantities of Buhuchan poppies to the north of Najjir and internationally.