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Krajiv, the city of heroes, is the "capital" city of the humans in Orjana by virtue of being the largest, best-defended city-state in the surrounding land. It sits on the wide river Ladoga, which feeds local trade, agriculture and basic industry. Krajiv has over a thousand roofs, encircled by a heavy oaken wall reinforced with stone towers. The human Knjaz lives and rules from his palace in the central city.


Ladoga clans originally lived in villages along the rolling hills near the river. The arrival of Ormjurin invaders and the period of long-term, low-scale strife taught the locals to build fortifications similar to that of their northern neighbors. As the Ormjurin dissolved within their conquered populace, they built many fortifications of their own. The largest one was built on Krajiv's Fork, the joining point of Ladoga and a major tributary. Eventually, it became known as simply Krajiv, consisting of a hillside castle with a guard towers overlooking several open villages.

As the two ethnic groups merged into the modern-day Orjani, Krajiv expanded and grew, becoming completely encircled by a defensive wall. This wall once held off a Lilist siege for months, even against flying griffons, through the hasty arrival of Dwarven ballistae. After the war, the city rebuilt and developed a thriving marketplace in its center.

Politics and Military

The Druzhina is the Knjaz's personal warrior-host, consisting of multiple war-bands and micro-armies, each commanded by a "Hero." The heroes are all experienced fighters or battlefield clerics from various Orjani backgrounds. Many of them have individually styled special powers, that reflect in the tactics and heraldry of their followers. The Heroes organize a council, with the Knjaz, one of them, being in charge. Lineage is hereditary but if no viable heir is produced, the next strongest Hero becomes Knjaz. The setup is rife for intrigue and plotting.

One of the Heroes is usually Dwarven and another, Elven. They add the voices of the other races to the Krajiv Consensus, which is dominated by humans.