Kylus Dragonsbane

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Father Kylus Dragonsbane
Vital Stats
Full Name: Kylus Dragonsbane
Place of Birth: Ansalon
Race: Human
Hair Color: Brown
Additional Information
Nickname: Father
Religion: Priest of Pallodain
Occupation: Ghosthunter and Priest of the Royal Church of Drache
Marital Status: Married to Oriana Anairo

Character Background

Kylus was born to Kail and Talia Dragonsbane in the western area of Ansalon. His mother, an elven healer, fled to Silvanesti after he was born and his father, a metal smith, died when Kylus was 21. The following year, Kylus traveled north and entered the Servants of Paladine (aka The Silver Knights), where he trained as a squire for 15 years. On his 37th birthday, he was ordained and knighted a Ghosthunter: a paladin who seeks out and destroys the evil undead. Kylus served in that sect for 15 more years, until an accident with a vampire led to the death of his bride, Arylin. Kylus, being partly responsible for her death, renounced his position, and went into self-imposed exile in the land of RhyDin. While there, he sacrificed his sight to save his friend, the Lady Astra, whose soul had been separated from her body by an evil wizard. A wondering cleric of Paladine bonded Kylus to a falcon he called Aislyn ("Light-Wing"). As long as she is touching him, Kylus can see like any normal person. Kylus returned to Ansalon, intent on becoming a healer, and found his Temple destroyed, all the other Silver Knights slain. He buried the dead, gathered the few blessed items left, and journeyed back to RhyDin. Upon his return, Kylus met a [{Vampires|vampire]] named Somniative. She taught him to let go of his hatred for vampires, whom he blamed for the death of his first wife. Somniative taught him to love again, and showed him that not all vampires were evil. Kylus fell in love with, and married her. He was content in RhyDin, until Paladine summoned him. Kylus was ordered across the mountains on RhyDin's western border. He bid a sad farewell to his wife, and left. He emerged in Arangoth three months later, where he was welcomed. He serves Queen AngelSin, and King BLKDRAGON as their Royal Priest, tending to the religious matters of Arangoth.

Since he has come to Arangoth, Kylus has had many changes come to his life. One of the greatest was when he released his partner Kingarhn--the holy sword that he killed his first wife with--from the mystical box that he had put it in after the accident with Arylin. Kingarhn and Kylus work well together, despite their constant bickering at one another. Sadly, after over a year of waiting, Kylus received word from RhyDin that his wife Somniative had died at the hands of a vampire hunter. Mad with grief, he shut emotion out of himself, returning to his older ways of the Ghosthunter's code: which demanded channeling emotion, anger, and hatred to make one strong. Only one thing turned him away from that path: Oriana Anairo. Kylus soon learned to release his hatred again, this time for good. He married Oriana, and was again happy. Things took a turn for the worse when Paladine wisked Kylus off one night to Ansalon, to fight the final battle with all the races of Krynn against Chaos, the Father of All and Nothing, Creator of the Gods. Kylus fought beside all known races and creatures during that time...he fought with good and evil alike, side by side, and was the last mortal in Krynn to see Paladine before He departed with the other Gods forever, as they had to in order to save the creation they loved.

It took Kylus five more months to walk back to Arangoth. Upon returning he found his wife about to give birth and arrived just in time to witness his daughter Sarah being born. While there was much tension in his family when he came home, Kylus, Oriana, and Sarah are on good terms with one another once again, and hope to live in peace. Kylus returned to his duty as Royal Priest, and is overseeing the final reconstruction of the Royal Church after it met with destruction some months back.

Kylus is an adept healer, using his knowledge of healing magic, herbs, bones, muscles, and pressure points to ease the pain of others. He also possesses a little ability in metal- working, a skill taught to him by his father, and he has taught himself to play the flute. He will not fight unless greatly provoked, or to defend one of his friends. He can be found in the BlkDragon Inn, having a glass of water at his corner table with his foster daughter, Skylar, or his wife Oriana. And every so often, one can see him standing on the Inn's balcony, looking up at the moon with one hand clasped around his holy symbol, waiting patiently for the day that his Lord will return.

Other Information

His Own Words

Pure as day, this Silver Knight,

Seeking always, Darkness to fight;
Letting GhostHunters' age-old rage flow,
Smiting his love, in one fatal blow.

Away, away, to the land of RhyDin,
Desperately trying to amend his sin;
Saving a friend, from a dark wizard's might,
Holiest power turns grey eyes to white.

Return to his home, Light-Wing at his side,
To be ordained a healer, in which others confide;
The Temple of Paladine, destroyed in a fight,
Death has befallen all but one Silver Knight.

Return to RhyDin, with a scream and a moan,
Fighting soul-battles he can't win alone;
Learning to forgive, and serve the Gods above,
Taught by a Kindred to once again love.

Called away again by the Great God of Light,
He cannot stay, cannot plead, beg, or fight;
Away from his love, his beautiful bride,
Over the mountains to Arangoth ride.

To the city of Drache, the end of his flight,
A sorrow-filled heart his eternal plight;
Arangoth's Church, he dutifully tends,
But desperately prays to see his love again.

Staring up often at the eastern sky,
Asking E'li, his Lord, "Why, oh why?"
A flute of wood he plays to the night,
The notes of love on swift wind take flight.

Heart rent in two by the death of his wife,
Loneliness and sorrow, consuming his life;
Kindness and love, emotions now spurned,
GhostHunter's code sees all caring burned.

One other person, offering her heart,
Trying to break the shell of hatred apart;
The GhostHunter fades, his anger appeased,
A Healer remains, the Gods seem pleased.

Pure as day, this Silver Knight,
Now using his gifts to heal, not fight;
Wanting the bloodshed, the violence, to cease,

Wanting only to live, with his love, in peace...