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Lachlan Laochail
Vital Stats
Full Name: Laochail
Age: Many
Place of Birth: The Twilit Reach
Race: cu sith
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: green
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 205
Additional Information
Aliases: the Black Dog, the Grim, Laithlind
Marital Status: untamed
Player: Nicci

Character Background

Physical Description

As a sidhe, Lachlan resembles a half-elven man of above average height with shoulder-length, inky black hair and clear green eyes the color of verdant meadows. He perpetually appears in need of a shave, sporting a five o'clock shadow by noon.

In his other form, he takes on the shape of a monstrous black canine. His kind are known by the superstitious as harbingers of death, ill omens, and devils from the beyond. None of those are true. His kind do not cause death, but mercifully forewarn of it instead. The black dogs of the Twilit Reach are huge and formidable beasts with a bark worse than their bite, for it can cause concussive force to any foe caught within it. Their howls are known to shatter glass, and their mighty paws bear claws sharper than glass.

As a dog, when standing on all fours, his nose reaches chest level of most men. For the sake of mischief, he's been known to shrink himself smaller.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Lachlan has an uncanny ability to smell death in mortal creatures doomed to die. The closer they are to death, whether by murder, accident, or natural causes, the easier it is for him to discern that their time is near. As a fae associated with death and shepherding spirits, Lachlan is able to treat ghosts as if they are tangible spirits with a form, thus able to affect, grasp, and relocate them. He can become incorporeal for short amounts of time to phase through walls and solid substances, much like the ghosts that he deals with. The undead offend him and his sense of smell.

Other Information

Lachlan is a devoted follower of the Queen of Death and finds undead creatures distasteful but delicious. He can show the restraint to spare an unlife, but it troubles him deeply.