Lesser Griffon

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Lesser Griffon
Natural Habitat: Forests and mountain ranges in Siveth
Classification: Hybrid bird
Average Size: Varies
Average Weight: Varies
Coloring: Varies
Distinguishing Features: Head/forelimbs/wings of an eagle, body of a lion


The griffon most easily identified features are the various hybrid traits it possesses. There are a wind range of individual traits, size, and colour patterns and the like between them, which tends to change depending on region and breeding populations. The griffon has the head, forelimbs and wings of an eagle, while its body is best described as that of a lion or large feline. They are often called lesser griffons to differentiate them from their intelligent cousins, in a similar manner that Drakes are often referred to as lesser dragons.


Lesser griffons are dispersed thorough out the continent of Veth, and possibly even beyond it. Their habitats of choice tend to be forests and mountain ranges, but depending on available prey this is not always the case.

Breeding Habits

Due to the widely dispersed populations, breeding habits can be drastically different between them.

Other Characteristics

The one trait that all lesser griffons possess are an intelligence that is on par with any other wild beast.