Lysira Farraige

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Lysira Farraige
Vital Stats
Place of Birth: Aran Islands
Race: Gaelaran
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Sea Green
Height: 6'0"
Additional Information
Nickname: Sira
Occupation: Warrior of the Dragon Clan Sioda and Leader of the Gaiscioch

Character Background

Lysira comes from the Aran Islands beyond the White Sea. She was raised to be a warrior of the Dragon Clan Sioda who are influenced in their customs by their Eastern Sensei. The Gaelarans or Gaeliege - (the name they use when referring to all of their race, though they remain stubbornly clannish) - have a symbiotic relationship with the great dragons that live among the intricate cave structures beneath the islands of their homeland. It is only the warriors that ride the dragons into war, though all of the Gaeilge take part in their care and protection of their young. Their race is similar to a celtic society (also speaking a variation of the language) and have very strong ties with the sea, tracing their ancestry back to the Elmentals of the White Sea and the Ancient Dragons of Aran.

When she was very young, she broke the laws of her clan by falling in love with a human mortal and was banished. She left and married the mortal.. who later grew old and died in her arms... a terrible experience for her. (The Gaelarans usually live to be about two thousand years old on an average.) Her banishment has since been lifted, but she refuses to leave her home by the sea.

She is stubborn... favors a drink called dragon fire ..(a smoking liquid from her homeland that burns the veins) ... and is generally a pleasant person. She will not hesitate to pull her sword... though will seldom do so without just cause.

Physical Description

Physically, Gaelarans are golden skinned and haired, and fair of face. They all possess the strange effect of their eyes changing to a sea green color when they become emotional.

Sira is usually seen wearing a leather and mithril vest, leather braided skirt armor or suede breeches, knee high boots, gauntlets, and carries a katana. She wears seacrystals braided into her hair, a custom of her people.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

She is deadly with sword and bow, though has little skill with magic.

Other Information

Lysira is often seen with her small dragon - Rhyth, which usually rides curled around her wrist. She has a wonderful sense of humor, and a temper to match it. She is a traveler, and has been to thousands of different lands. She has a vast library, and also a collection of artifacts she has taken from every culture she has explored. She is extremely respectful of all races, and makes no judgments on their particular customs, though she will not abide slavery, nor harm to creatures who are not willing participates in "said" customs of any race. Her affinity to water is very strong and she owns a stone mansion and dojo that rest on the cliffs of the ocean.