Maledicia Bloodlotus

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an oil painting of Maledicia from bust up
General Information
Full Name: Maledicia Bloodlotus
Race: Demon and Sun Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 833
Country of Origin: Arangoth
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Silver
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 150
Additional Information
Creed: .
Occupation: Demonologist & Necromancer
Income: Baroness of Thraxbensil & Glar-Fost
Marital Status: Single
Player: Nicci


Though it was from her father that Maledicia inherited and learned her talent over the dark arts, she did not follow in his demented footsteps. While he built a reputation for pillaging villages, raising the undead, and causing mischief in the name of their demonic kin, she took another path and found that excelling in the arts did not mean they couldn't be used for good. In hopes of unraveling a little of the evil in the world, she spent years traveling wherever rumors took her of dark wizards, necromancers, and undead.

In recent days, Maledicia has become Floxod of Thraxbensil, an estate in the green hills off BlkDragon Bay, one day’s travel west of Drache. Thraxbensil is known for its production of wine, and the adjacent fishing village is home to several thriving artisans.


Everything that Mal does is to benefit herself in some manner. She comes off carefree and casual, exuding an air of sophistication and refinement to conceal that she’s a conniving bitch. She gives loyalty only to those who deserve it and feigns it to those who do not.

Physical Description

Every aspect of Maledicia's appearance screams opulence. Colors make a rare appearance into her wardrobe, and when it does, she favors shades of indigo or crimson. No matter the time of day or season, a lace-trimmed bodice hugs her curves, revealing a modest bosom accentuated by her tightly drawn corset, molding her into a perfect hourglass. Heavy skirts dance around slender ankles in strapped within suspiciously thick, black velvet boots, and she wears a slim velvet choker around her neck with a single coin-sized ruby stone in its center, serving as a prison for a single black spider. Her features are elvish and delicate, high cheekbones and full lips, large eyes with a subtle tilt. Two pairs of blue-gray horns twist back from a mass of midnight curls and springy coils.

None of these are her most striking features. The most noticeable thing about Maledicia are her enormous wings, both covered in raven blue-black feathers and tipped with horned protrusions on each tip like small claws. If it weren't for the tiefling features, one would think she was a doll cut from a block of obsidian.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • Flight: Maledicia has a powerful set of wings and has learned to soar in order to maximize efficiency, save energy, and travel long distances.
  • Demonologist: Her preferred field of study covers everything from spiritual infestations to demonic occurrences. She can banish demons, exorcise poltergeists, and bind spirits. She also understands how to summon these things, but refrains for ethical reasons.
  • 200 Bannerwomen: Maledicia has allied with a large tribe of furious, bloodthirsty sirens. They are winged, water-dwelling seagull women and thus magically equipped with the ability to compulse weak-willed people via their song. They also appreciate jabbing men with pointy sticks. In exchange for their service, Mal has promised them a home inland and plenty of blood and victims among those whom she will war with in the name of Trandariania.
  • Darkvision: Due to the nature of her particular race, Mal can see in dark conditions.
  • Advanced Anatomical and Physiological Understanding: Maledicia is a master of the human body, and that of other creatures. She has spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours within her laboratory with various creatures upon her slab. With her knowledge, she could be a physician or healer. Instead, she uses this training to create horrifying effects.

Magic Skills

  • Dark Magic: A variety of spells within the sphere or Necromancy such as life-draining effects, the ability to control and sense undead, and the typical reanimation of skeletons or undead. Maledicia does not raise undead however and looks upon such poorly and strives to develop new methods of destroying these creatures. Spells require line of sight and can affect nothing farther than thirty feet away. Lifedraining techniques must be within five feet or require touch if the subject is strong-willed. Second only to her knowledge of necromancy, Maledicia is able to contort and redesign living as well as dead flesh through an act of sorcery she calls Biomancy. This art requires physical touch, and can thus be interrupted and prevented simply, by refusing to allow her sustained contact. The more complicated the changes, the more exhaustive the art becomes. For example, fusing eyelids would require less than a minute, but contorting a man into a human chair would take her the better part of a day of intense concentration to fleshmold and bonesculpt this work of art.
  • Elementalism: At her father's insistence, Maledicia endured many lessons in the art of fire magic. Although she eventually came to loathe pyrokinetic spells, she is able to guide and control flames with expert precision, smother an inferno with deep concentration, and create arcane explosions within her line of sight. Her range on most spells will be thirty to forty yards for a powerful, concentrated fireball. She can also Fire Brand and temporarily enchant weapons though this lasts no longer than a minute.
  • Dark Sense: Due to her upbringing as the daughter of a powerful demon lord, Maledicia can feel a pure demonic presence and its activity in any given area up to a radius of five miles, though this intensifies the closer she is to the source. In addition, she’s able to recognize when dark magic has been recently used, and depending on the complexity of the spell, identify the specific type of magic and spell.
  • Succubus Kiss: Mal hasn’t yet realized it, but she can drain magical energy and stamina from a victim with a kiss as long as a few seconds of physical contact are maintained. Prolonged contact and use of this ability would render the recipient unconscious for up to a day.
  • Familiars: Mal has six familiars bound to her, each of them ravens. They are: Nyx(F), Nox(F), Dox(M), Nott(F), Umbra(F), and Nocturne(M). As they have been bound with her blood and are tied to her, their intelligence has been heightened to surpass that of the typical raven, allowing them to converse with her and understand human language. Due to sharing of her blood, the birds have a minor magical resistance, enough to protect them from another being attempting to control them by magic.



  • Swordstaff of Ruin: Roughly six and a half feet long, a staff with an enchanted fire black opal on one end and a mithril blade on the other. Objects affected by the sword tend to suffer the effects of wear and tear at a faster rate. Mal does not carry it with her often, having inherited it from her mother.




  • One complete, extensively stocked laboratory as well as a collection of tools for dissection and scientific/magical research spread across multiple homes.
  • Alchemical supplies of the standard fare for a mage.