Marnuth ul-Porre Elgabralk

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Vorfon Apettire Kei Arna Marnuth ul-Porre Elgabralk
Vital Stats
Full Name: Marnuth ul-Porre Elgabralk
Race: Human
Additional Information
Nickname: 'The Grey'
Religion: Menxism
Occupation: Lord Protector of Southern Arangoth

Character Background

An old man, claiming to have been a young man at the time of the fall of the old Kingdom, in about 415 by Arangothian reckoning. Some say he's a mage, and it is known he has an apprentice.

Typically to be seen wearing a leathery old wide-brimmed hat with the point knocked flat, a single ostrich plume wobbling from the hatband, and a set of nondescript brown robes.

He is, supposedly, an Arangothain official - the current Lord Protector when this was written - but it's not easy to see why from the sight of him, old, wrinkled and greying.

Physical Description

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Other Information

Originally created and played by Mark/Skonar