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There is a colorful bird in Rondis called the milipin, which has feathers of bright green and yellow.


Glittering finch
Natural Habitat: Rondis
Classification: Bird
Average Size: 3.8-5 in.
Average Weight: .25 oz
Coloring: Bright green with yellow ventral side, males have vivid blue flight feathers
Distinguishing Features: Coloration, conical beak for seed-eating


The milipin, or glittering finch, is a small, colorful songbird with bright green and yellow coloration. The males have a vivid blue streak on the flight feathers at the back edge of their wings. The birds have a short beak used for cracking nuts and seeds.


The milipin is found across southeastern Veth and is most common in the scrublands of Rondis.

Breeding Habits

The milipin nest in group nests shared by up to eight birds that mate with each other with little concern for pairing off. They share care of the hatchlings with no regard for gender roles.

Other Characteristics

The milipin's coloration is inspiration for Rondissian folk dress; this is said to be because of the folk rumor that the milipin wards off magical curses. Indeed, many Rondissian families keep a milipin in a cage by their door, for it is said that a curse against the home will kill the bird instead of the family members.

A study done by the Arangothian Royal University found that the milipin indeed attracts and absorbs negative energy from harmful spells, but that the total energy lost is negligible compared to the total strength of the spell, and so the warding potential is minimal. This has done little to discourage the tradition. There is a famous story of a merchant who, afraid of attacks from her rivals, kept hundreds of milipins in her bedroom in an attempt to absorb any negative energy. According to the tale, she was killed by an assassin's crossbow bolt when going out to buy birdseed.