Night Panther

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Night panther
Natural Habitat: Veth, rocky cliff areas. Elluria, Xiunhai-La
Classification: Mammal
Average Size: 5-6.5' long
Average Weight: 150-200 lbs
Coloring: Black, females brownish
Distinguishing Features: Large cat, black fur

Large black panther, yet a TRUE panther with build closer to that of a puma. Unlike leopards this cat feels comfortable in wood surrounding but is found in more rocky cliff areas where they make a den from small caves. It is a lover of water like the tiger but even more shy. The ebony color gives the name and also the habit of dropping from trees to attack, mostly deer or otherwise. One odd trait pointed out is this animal has blue eyes. Like most cats.. it is thought this animal is NOT color blind and in fact has vision ten times greater then that of a human.

Females smaller and tend to be more of a browner hue to coat. 4-6 cubs a litter. 3 the normal. Cubs leave home at 2 years of age. These creatures ARE solitary and only during mating season are they seen together and even then it's brief. Range: as large as 12 square miles but have been none to live closer due to habitat reduction.



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