Nisa ul-Alathar Folvati

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Tespin Nisa ul-Alathar Folvati
Vital Stats
Full Name: Nisa ul-Alathar Folvati
Race: Human
Additional Information
Religion: Menxism
Occupation: Former Sithire of Southern Arangoth
Player: Superry

Character Background

In her own words:

"Your Grace, you really must stand still. The more you fidget, the longer you must remain," said Vorfon ul-Moran Jahn, the Drachean painter commissioned to do the portrait of the new Sithire. Someone had said that there ought to be one a month or so after the new Duchess had been elected to the position, and so it was that it came to pass almost a year later. But this was the way of things in government. To put things into motion too quickly would appear ambitious. To put off something altogether would appear negligent. Everything in its own time.

"This thing on my head weighs upon it so that it is wont to droop. Really, is all of this costuming... this ridiculous display, absolutely necessary?" she asked, while raising her arms to adjust the crown, therefore causing the artist to groan yet again.

"I implore you, Your Grace—simply remain still but for a few more moments. It is almost finished."

"And well it should be, Vorfon, for you have been at it for what feels like an eternity!"

"Your chin moved, Duchess."

"And it will move again, Vorfon. I am not a statue. To expect as much of me is unrealistic—almost as unrealistic as this portraiture."

"Reality is not as becoming as regality, Your Grace."

"If you must paint me, it should be... outside, sitting upon the back of my horse."

"Ah yes, and that would be an attractive picture—the Sithire, with her skirts raised up to her knees, the silks wrinkled, straddling a mare." It was not a response that came from the painter, but it was one that garnered the speaker, who stood behind the artist, a glare through narrowed blue eyes, regardless of the fact that what was said was quite true. Nisa refused to use a lady’s saddle, no matter how indecorous the other option.

"Attractive or no, it would be more true than this..." She paused to gesture to the yards of velvet that had been heaped upon her, trimmed in gold beads, rubies, and pearls like the silk beneath, "...conglomeration."

"You should be a little more regal, I think. At least some of the time," he said, and then uttered something she could not quite discern into Jahn’s ear before turning to leave him to finish the portrait. Nisa ul-Alathar Folvati did not utter another word, nor did she move a muscle for the rest of the sitting.

The portrait was hung, upon completion, within the Podar ul-Sinetattel.

Physical Description

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Other Information

Nisa has a twin sister, Naia.