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Sir OneStab
Vital Stats
Full Name: Darian "OneStab" Taliesin-Gray
Place of Birth: Rondis
Race: Human
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Additional Information
Occupation: The First Royal Knight of Arangoth
Marital Status: Married

Character Background

In the reclusive land of Rondis, a second son for the House of Darbingray was born to Lady LaManda and Sir HawkEye. OneStab's first cries were soon quieted in his mother's nestling arms. His stunning sapphire blue eyes opened to greet the proud faces of his dear parents. Sir Hawkeye, a first generation knight and hero of the Assi/Rondis wars, gripped the hand of his enchanting wife. LaManda soothed her new son while the stars looked favorably down from above

OneStab grew into a skilled squire. By the age of seven he was widely recognized at the best in all Rondis. His brother's sword was ever polished to mirror finish, his armor clean and perfectly clad, most importantly, the family's crest upon his shield was maintained in perfect color and exacting detail. OneStab relished his work, unfortunately, it wasn't enough.

A prominent figure in the land, Sir Hawkeye was often invited to functions at the Rondissian Court. During a particularly boring ball (boring for twelve-year-old's anyway) OneStab befriended Prince SaDita. Soon after, OneStab accepted an invitation to live in the Palace. There, alongside his royal friend, he was educated in warfare, swordplay, politics, dance, art, and language. Dedicated and true, when the time came for the Prince to wed, OneStab became one of the first Rondissians to venture beyond its boarders.

Life In RhyDin

OneStab journeyed for several years, hearing rumors of a horrific and wondrous land named RhyDin. Despite it's allure, he avoided the place, preferring the friendlier north lands. Destiny Stars beckoned him. A Lady's child, killed in a horrific house fire, could perhaps be reached by OneStab's magic: The BlueStones. The Lady was RhyDinian. Reluctantly riding into the foreboding realm, OneStab was soon engulfed in its charm and terror.

AngelSin's children were coming early. Both unable to resist lending aide where required, Amelie and OneStab rushed to her side. OneStab held AngelSin's hand, offering what comfort he could, while Amie used her limited magic to strengthen the future Arangoth queen. The first child was born. Amelie snuggled the babe tenderly to her heart as the second was delivered. Gazing up from Angel's sweaty face, his shimmering blue eyes falling on her child in Amelie's arms, OneStab knew from that moment, his soul would ever be lost to the half -Fae. And she soon became his wife.

Life marched merrily for Amelie and One. Together they built a magnificent Victorian mansion, complete with conjuring room for Amie and a study for OneStab. During this time, he met the RangerBlue, First Warden of Loreil. The Wardens, guardians of order and justice in RhyDin, became home to OneStab's politics. Though duty often dragged him from home, Amelie always received him with loving arms upon his return.

A Hasty Departure

Back in Rondis the King lay dead in his own blood and Prince Sadita rotted in a BlackRogue dungeon. Consipirators to the crown visited the once tranquil valley with violence, plunging the people into chaotic anarchy. During a secret mission to free his boyhood friend, OneStab's enemies find and murder his soulmate: Amelie. In a storm of despair, he flees his beloved Rondis and finds refuge in Arangoth.

Arangoth: A New Life...And Death

Reunited with AngelSin, BLKDRAGON and his former Warden Captian, Lysira Farraige, OneStab rebuilds his life serving the Arangoth Court as First Knight and liason to the Wardens in RhyDin. During these tulmultuous days, Prefect Xandur invades but is skillfully repelled by Lysira's Royal Guard and Warden-led covert actions.

Weakened by the war with the Assi, many ill-minded individuals test the early Arangoth leadership. During a joint raid with Lysira and her elite purposed to destroy one such threat, OneStab is fatally wounded. Later, Lysira takes responsibility for his death, thus leading to errors in Arangoth's records. Lysira did not kill OneStab; they remained always compatriots in arms. However she felt responsible for his death.

Escaping Death

Trapped inside Charon's River Styx, OneStab remained in the Spirit Mists until being granted a Trial by the Moon Goddess. If he is able to rid her Temple of Aphrodite's Monster (Medusa) he will be granted life restoration. The dangerous mission is a success and OneStab returns to the world of the living almost three years after his death.

Currently, OneStab wanders the free lands lending his talents where he finds them needed. His clear-bladed Sword, his Bluestones, and his Honor are for the betterment of Arangoth and her neighboring States.