Perldosia Quarek

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A young woman with glowing strawberry blonde hair
General Information
Full Name: Perldosia Quarek
Race: Human
Gender: F
Age: 20.
Date of Birth: 21.I.469
Country of Origin: Arangoth, Sresar Vale
Hair Color: Glowing strawberry blonde
Eye Color: Pale hazel
Height: 5'7
Weight: 150lb all muscle
Additional Information
Religion: Spiritual agnosticism
Creed: Magic use always comes at a price.
Occupation: Drachean Magistrate
Income: Middle Class
Marital Status: Single
Player: Gudrun/Absolute Unit


Perldosia was born on her family's estate in the Sresar Vale. Her early upbringing included time in the wilderness hunting gobbers, camping out under the stars, and learning combat and survival techniques. The estate has strange anti-magic properties that make it a magic deadzone. It’s rumored that a meteor crashed in this area when God Beasts roamed and since became a place where even they feared to tread. The Sanctuary for the Cursed on the Quarek estate houses those who have difficult to remove curses. Ethical questions about using the cursed for labor on the vineyards don’t seem to the bother the Quareks or the few who take refuge at their Sanctuary. Past generations never strayed far from home. However, many within the younger generation of the Quarek family have taken interest in affairs outside of their family's expansive and multigenerational estate.

Perldosia, as she got older, was known to be studious and spent increasing amounts of time with a governess and tutor rather than out with her brothers causing mayhem. She learned the basics, such as reading and writing in Arangothek and Common, mathematics, and history. Her family's history of fighting mage mercenaries sent to the Vale forged many of her principles about justice, and as she learned more about the world around her she decided that her calling would take her to where she's needed. When she turned 16 and was given a choice about the path she would take in life, she decided to attend the Royal University in Drache -- a city known for its adventurers and mayhem -- and enrolled in the School of History and Law with the intention to take the test to become a magistrate. Her family gave their blessing--and financial support--with a warning about those who might know of the Quareks from their mage slaying days. It was a warning she took to heart as she packed her belongings, including an heirloom black halberd, dagger, and armor.

Her time in Drache was spent in her myriad classes or sequestered amongst her books in her room. The debacle with the magma wyrm severely disrupted her studies for two years, then civil war broke out due to the Crown's incompetence. She was ready to volunteer to fight but the civil war ended quickly within a northern pass, so she never saw battle. She did her best to keep up with her education with everything going on in Arangoth, and once the dust had settled and Arangoth became a confederacy of duchies she dove into her studies with ferocious vigor. On one hand she managed to catch up, on the other hand it meant she had no social life and drifted along in complete anonymity. Now she's a magistrate in Drache after passing the test she's been so studiously preparing for.


Perldosia is known even among friends to be the no nonsense sort. Her humor is very dry at times, but a few glasses of Sresar wine can loosen her up. She is sympathetic to those who are less fortunate than her and follows a principle of fairness when enacting justice for lesser crimes, like stealing a loaf of bread to feed one’s self or family. Her views about committing crimes with the use of magic are far more harsh, and she tends to have little patience for mages who use magic to solve all their problems.

Physical Description

Perldosia has fair skin, pale hazel eyes, and strawberry blonde hair that is prematurely greying at the roots. Though her face is relatively pristine, she has many scars elsewhere on her body. Her height is 5'7 and her build is quite muscular though she's usually wearing light armor, which masks how ripped she is.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • Law and Order: Perldosia is well educated in Transdarianian laws and the criminal code.
  • Hunting: She’s trained in the use of a bow and arrow to hunt small and large game.
  • Survivalist: Life in the rugged Sresar Vale meant learning the ropes of how to survive in the wilds. She knows how to build makeshift shelters, start a fire with available materials, and can identify edible from poisonous plants.
  • Combat: Perldosia was trained by her fathers and brothers in hand-to-hand combat and melee with weapons.
  • Vintner: Despite taking on a different career than her family’s business, she did learn the ropes of growing and fermenting wine grapes.
  • Impressive Vision: The Quarek’s utilize a diet that includes bilberry, coupled with daily visual exercises and good genetics, resulting in rather impressive vision. This also translates to a heightened ability to see in the dark, which is accompanied by red tinted lenses to filter out other colours and give them the capability to see far better than most would expect from a normal human in the dark.

Magic Skills

  • Anti-Magic Vessel: The Quarek’s are infused with anti-magic radiation, the effects of which they have no control over. Their bodies cancel and dispel magical effects, enchanted items (temporarily), spells, et cetera, that interact or come into contact with their bodies. Psionic energy is heavily distorted and attempts to reach her mind are made known by a borealis-like light display as it interacts with and is interfered with by this aura. Their meteoric weapons have the same properties as their bodies.



  • Anti-magic Rondel Dagger: Dagger made from anti-magic, meteoric allow. Great for stabbing into gaps in plate armor.
  • Anti-magic Halberd: The meteoritic metal allow suffuses this weapon with anti-magic properties. It can “cut” magic effects or temporarily make enchantments inert.
  • Anti-magic Knuckle Dusters: Metal knuckle dusters made from meteoric alloys that have anti-magic properties.


  • Plate Armor: Perldosia has a full set of plate armor made with meteoric metals from her family’s estate and strange alloys she collected during a mission into an underground cavern infested with mind flayers. It is stronger than mithril, and has the same anti-magic properties as herself.


  • Anti-magic fruit preserves from home
  • Mundane medical supplies like salves, balms, and pumices to help heal wounds.
  • Quarek Berserker Juice: A special blend of psychotropic herbs and mushrooms that provide a sense of euphoria, heightened pain tolerance, and increased aggression and adrenaline. This is used during life or death situations to fight their way out of a predicament.