Politics of Arangoth

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Arangoth was originally a confederacy of Grand Duchies before Tagran became the first king of Arangoth. Sithirel, or Dukes, have been the traditional rulers of the various Arangothian provinces for centuries. AngelSin and BLKDRAGON did not follow this tradition, preferring to rule directly from Castle Black. After their abdication, The Raven took over as Regent, though he too soon disappeared. A Regency Council rose to take on the mantle of government in the year 469, until it was disbanded late in the year 473. King Arlok has restored the traditional forms of government and appointed a new Sithire to govern the South on his behalf.

General Organization

The Kingdom of Arangoth is presently divided into five general regions, each governed by a Sithire or other body, with two capitals. The north has its capital at the restored city of Tagrana, where King Arlok and Queen Melinxa rule for most of the year. The rest of his time is spent in the southern capital, the city of Drache. The south has its capital in the city of Drache, which is governed by a Sithire.

From 465 until 469, all Arangoth was loosely ruled from Drache. King BLKDRAGON and Queen AngelSin made what was a small fishing hamlet into their national capital in 465. Yet the pair were only visible rulers for a year before entrusting the management of the kingdom to their Regent, The Raven. And even the Regent was rarely seen in Drache, or anywhere else in Arangoth. Castle Black became a mysterious place where only the castle staff lived. So Arangoth was essentially without a head of government for three years, and somehow its people and institutions survived relatively unscathed. A great many Arangothians are still loyal to BLKDRAGON and AngelSin, but this situation is slowly changing, now that their absence and tacit abdication of the crown are clear.

Northern Arangoth is governed from the rebuilt Royal Palace in Tagrana, where King Arlok and Queen Melinxa rule. Underneath the King and Queen, the most powerful figure is Palatine Perlim Larkspin, who is the senior-most member of the Northern Arangothian Estates. The Estates are a parliament-like body, representing mostly the noble and mercantile classes, that gathers once a year (mid-July) in Hornath ul-Marfed to vote on various issues


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In 466, the Estates voted to offer the crown to AngelSin and BLKDRAGON in Drache in return for a confirmation of their traditional rights and privileges. There was no response from Drache. In 469, with the return of Prince Arlok (a lost heir to the throne who had been in an enchanted sleep for 54 years), the Estates voted to declare him king instead. Shortly afterwards, Northern Arangothian armies restored order in a large part of Ruthmarna (which had been overrun by bandits).

While Northern Arangoth, Ruthmarna, and Eastern Arangoth all acknowledged Arlok as king, the provinces of Southern Arangoth, including Drache, did not do so. In First Seed (March) of 470, the elders of the Sresar Vale, upset by the lack of Valesmen on the Regency Council, gave their allegiance to Arlok in return for an agreement that granted them similar privileges to the Northern Estates. The following month, Sir OneStab, a close friend of BLKDRAGON and AngelSin testifies before the Council that AngelSin and BLKDRAGON had never intended to return and formally abdicated a few years ago. Though The Raven was named as King in this lost document, there is some question as to the appointment’s legal validity, especially with the appearance of a candidate of royal blood. Arlok and the Council entered into negotiations on reconciliation of the divided country.

In Frostfall (October) of 470, these negotiations brought about a reunification of the kingdom with Arlok as King of all of Arangoth. Arlok signed an agreement limiting his power with the Council, mirroring those with the Elders of Sresar Vale and the Northern Estates. The Council retained provincial level control over Transdariania and Arania and jurisdiction over maritime matters, and the south is allowed to keep its distinctive law code. Drache and Hornath ul-Marfed were named as co-capitals, between which Arlok must split his time.

In First Seed of 471, Negotiations between elven Governor Topaz Silverbow and King Arlok ul-Dorn resulted in the proud Confederacy of Elvendeep becoming a crown province of Arangoth, guaranteed rights but ultimately under the authority of the Arangothian crown. This seemed to foment displeasure at Silverbow’s regime, as a second Civil War would soon follow. Observers suspected the decision might have been fear at the quick revival and deadly threat of their old foe, the orcish nation of Zul Kiras. Though Arlok has governed Elvendeep with an extremely light touch, granting it virtual autonomy, this arrangement is still far from popular in Elvendeep. Time will tell whether this arrangement will last, or provoke further civil unrest.

In Frostfall of 471, King Arlok and Queen Melinxa officially announced the birth of the new heir to the throne, Prince Emereth ul-Arlok, Grand Duke of Ruthmarna. The prince had actually been born the previous spring, but the Royal Family had employed an old Crown Policy for protection of susceptible infant heirs from magical attack. Illusionists and Royal agents had been utilized to hide the pregnancy and first several months of Emereth’s life for his safety.

In Hearthfire (September) of 472, King Arlok announced that the restoration of Tagrana, begun two years previous, was nearing completion. Tagrana became the new co-capital of Arangoth with Drache, replacing Hornath ul-Marfed when the Royal Family officially took up residence in the rebuilt Royal Palace. Other landmarks in the city include a giant Grubball arena, new home to the grubball team Tagrana Memorial, which of necessity had been based out of Hornath ul-Marfed for years. The Council funded a memorial garden there for AngelSin and BLKDRAGON.

Royal Guard

The Royal Guard is Arangoth's primary Law Enforcement entity, establishing law and order and maintaining compliance with the written Laws of Arangoth. These men and women are also tasked with enforcing the Criminal Code of Arangoth. The uniformed and non-uniformed members of this elite group are trained to the highest of standards to ensure Arangoth and it's residents remain safe.


The Magistrates of the Crown are the judges of Drache, empowered to hold trials anywhere, at any time. In Drache, it's not just a figure of speech when people say that justice carries a sword.

Government Officials

Arangoth and Drache host an extensive array of Crown Officials. The current roster's highest-ranking officials include:

Southern Arangoth's current Sithire: Marcion ul-Fenduth Tagran Aldenbar.

His Privy Council is as follows: