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Found In: Xiunhai-La
Type: Tree
Distinguishing Features: Red and Blue leaves,
Uses: Dying fabric, tea

Growth Cycle

Ponchu trees grow quickly because of the nature of their slender trunks and almost daintily willowy branches. The branches of the tree don't grow very long and the leaves of the tree are elongated and run like streamers off the branches to sweep down like a weeping willow. The leaves take on a variety of colors that can range anywhere from deep blue to bright red and any colors in between and combined. Oddly the blossoms of the Ponchu tree are white with streaking of those colors from the center where there is a bulb of nectar.

Regional Information

Ponchu trees are found only on the Xiunhai-La island.


Ponchu trees are rather hardy and are easily transplanted, moved about even at full size. They seem to only grow in the soil of Xiunhai-La island.


Leaves are used to make excellent red or blue-violet dye used extensively in the garments of the royal court. Ponchu blossoms are often used to brew naturally sweet tea from the nectar-bubbles located within the bulb, and the flowers themselves are traditional decorations for native confections.