Quill Stygian

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Tespin Forod Quill Stygian
Vital Stats
Full Name: Quill Stygian
Race: Lillend
Hair Color: Blue and White Feathers
Eye Color: Lime Green
Height: 5'3" as a Human, over 20' as a Lillend
Additional Information
Aliases: Sealna
Occupation: Professor at the Royal University

Character Background

Quill was born Sealna [see-AHL-nuh], though no one knows it. Everyone in the BlkDragon Inn knows her as Quill. When she first came to the BlkDragon, she was just a naive scribe, human to the eye, and always running into things. Shortly after her arrival, Quill received a job that would change her life: she was to transcribe a Tome dedicated to the evil god Menxruk for Kylus Dragonsbane. Professor Caius Stygian was also in on the little endeavor.

She soon came to find out that the priests that tried to read it--or anyone else with a good-aligned faith--would bleed from their eyes. If they heard the words, they would bleed from their ears. This did not discourage the scribe from working on it; she had to make a living, after all. She ended up making a mistake in the first Tome, and supposedly scrapped it; however, rumor has it that she still has it in her possession.

When writing it over, Quill started to breathe the words. They were becoming her very life, and she was slowly becoming evil. This was discovered when she was almost unable to venture into the Inner Sanctum of the Royal Church, for the Royal Seal was rejecting her more and more with each passing day.

She was this way for three months, avoiding those that would steal the Tome. When she began to go insane, Quill was locked away in the Church, the Tome in another room. This would not keep the woman from her precious, and she broke out of her room and forcibly took the Tome back. She would not have it away from her, the key always about her neck. Soon, however, she became incessantly evil-aligned. The Seal would hurt her severely, and when she tried to pass through it on the final time, it slashed her skin horribly. She is still scarred, though a Priestess of Menxruk healed one of her legs before intervention. Quill's arms, torso, and left leg are smattered with small white scars.

She was cured of this curse, after Resque Maessen stole the Tome from her. The cure was a rudimentary one, to say the least, though not many know how it was done. The next year, only a short year after being cursed the first time, Quill was inflicted again.

The Blight had come with the winter, and Quill was infected with her plague, intended to make all infected follow the Blight Herself. Quill suffered from this curse for three months, much like the last one, sustained by a magic ring given to her by Caius's wife. This time, the curse scarred her differently. Her natural form is now always wintery, colored blue and white, shimmering like ice and snow, where once there was blue and green. Vibrance turned to cold, Spring to Winter. Quill was cured, again, by Caius Stygian. Kylus Dragonsbane had been captured by Blight, and Quill held his Holy Symbol of Paladine until the return of her friend.

In her own words:

Sould was so angry about Quill's neglect that she fell into the darkness. Unknowing that Quill was carrying a child, Sould aimed to kill her. Luring her into an alley in the Red Lantern District with false claims of being Priest Kylus Dragonsbane, Sould delivered what would have been a killing blow. The girl had taken the form of Kylus and hugged Quill, just before stabbing her in the side. What happened next was a blur to the Professor. The child that reminded her of the Blight tore out her insides and left her for dead. She was rushed, once more to Caius Stygian, who healed her straight away and found out she was carrying a baby.

Lillendi are created through the mixing of magic between two people. Because Sould was hunting her, Quill opted to carry this new one around like human women did. Luckily, the child wasn't harmed. Sould was later killed while attempting to murder Tarma and Magistrate Wolfram.

Quill birthed a little girl, named Aldora, sometime in June. Her father was Magistrate Wolfram. Ryal returned to the family, having not been dead at all, but rather hiding out in the planes. Because Sould had fast-aged herself to gain the respect that adults had, Ryal appears around 15 years old. Lakyle looks to be about 5 and Aldora is still an infant.

Quill is currently unattached and has moved out of the large, 14-room estate she once called home in favor of a smaller, three-bedroom home more in the city than on the outskirts. She's been curse-free for two years or so! Priest Kylus has returned to Drache and Quill still has the holy symbol, renting one of the rooms of her estate to the Priest.

Physical Description

Quill is a Lillend. A Lillend is a creature with innate bardic abilities, the torso of an elf, feathers for hair, wings, and a snake's tail. The average coils of a Lillend are 20 feet in length.

The most noticeable thing about Quill is her clothing, which is always expensive and always exotic. Her hair is down to her ankles, streaked both black and white, the result of her memories from the Tome of Menxruk Curse and the Blight, respectively. Her eyes are lime-green and she is often seen wearing blue-framed glasses. These spectacles become rings around her pupils when not in use. She stands 5'3".

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Lillendi favor the arts over all else. Their lives are infinite, though they are not immortal. They may die by sword, magic, or any number of other things, though, they cannot die by old age. Lillendi choose when they are to die, and in this moment, they turn into a moonbeam and are no longer.

Other Information

Quill has two children, Ryal and Sould. Ryal is 'male', while Sould is 'female'. Sould's plumage is much like Quill's, with a white tail and white feathers atop her head and her wings, as well as the tip of her tail. Her white skin shimmers like new-fallen snow, and her feathers and tail shine with a thin sheet of ice. Her eyes are like her mother's. Sould is enigmatic and questioning.

Ryal's plumage was more like his father's. With eyes that mimic Quill's, Ryal was very much masculine looking, with black wings, black feathers on his head and tip of his tail, red scales on his tail, and a darker-complected elf-like torso. He was shy and did not talk much. Ryal killed himself sometime around June or July.

Quill is wealthy beyond imagination. This is because of her vast age, for she used to hunt priceless relics (mostly religious) as well as hoarding gold, jewels, and other such things. She owns a large mansion, around 14 bedrooms, and a bakery. She is a Professor at the Royal University, teaching at the Fine Arts school. Her main task is to teach men to be gentlemen and women to be fine young ladies.

She was in a tentative relationship with Magistrate Wolfram before Sould split them up. After that, Magistrate Nero ul-Azhur Myurod earned her affections before letting a comment slip, thus ruining all chances of anything with the Professor. She had a nasty stint with Ketara Lyon after admitting to allowing a vampire to feed from her. Ketara birthed one of Quill's children, since named Lakyle, under rather complicated circumstances.

She lives with Sould, Corran, Nero, Karrina, and a few others who rent rooms from her. A couple of the patrons of her home also work at the bakery she owns. She treasures her artwork and her friends, but most of all, her children.

Originally created and played by Kel.