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This template is for use on humanoid races, but can probably accommodate the intelligent, sentient races in the setting for the most part. All fields are coded to not display if they are left blank, so do not delete any of the fields, just leave them blank. No autoformatting was done in this template, so please format when linking.

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=Race Origins=



=Typical Racial Characteristics=

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[[Category: Races]]

Sexy beast
Racial Characteristics
Average Height: 5'5 (males)
5'3 (females)
Average Weight: 150lbs
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: red
Other Information
Country of Origin: A hole
Significant Populations: Near Drache
Languages: Drowish, Common
Major Religions: Spider worship, leather fetishism
Related Races: Goddesses of Phobos

Race Origins



Typical Racial Characteristics