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Natural Habitat: South-western Veth, Leturia, Zul Kiras
Classification: Mammal
Average Size: 4.2–4.8 ft to shoulder
Average Weight: 260-600 lbs
Coloring: Dark brown to tan with white horns, black stripes
Distinguishing Features: Long 'beard', stripes, long hairy tail

"Leturian animal ridden in place of a horse; resembles a gaunt ox." The province of Rintenyela is named after an event in Leturian mythology, and translates to "the Heart of the Rint." But rints were also ridden by the nomads from the west who destroyed the Mingit & Igmerind kingdoms. They are also apparently eaten sometimes, though not by Leturians. There are clans amongst the Zul Kirans that utilize the rint for both food and mounts as well.



Breeding Habits

Other Characteristics