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Severin; small autumn dragon about the size of a corgi (without horns/wings); off-white scales with horns like branches and frills like red autumn leaves.
General Information
Full Name: Severin
Race: Autumn Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 213 years
Country of Origin: Twilit Reach
Arrival on Siveth Came from Twilit Reach with Cosecha
Eye Color: Blue
Additional Information
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Income: Peasant
Marital Status: NA
Player: Ingrid


For the first 160 years of his life, Severin lived as a wild Autumn dragon in the Twilit Reach until he met Cosecha, a young Autumn fae. They became friends after he saved her from an attack by a vicious monster in the Reach. The dragon was badly wounded during the rescue, but Cosecha healed him. They have almost never been apart ever since.

Around the age of 213 (94 for Cosecha), Severin began to express a desire to go explore the mortal realm for a time. Despite her reluctance to do so (being particularly anti-social, in contrast to her friend), Cosecha agreed to take him. They arrived in Drache around X.489, and Severin has since acquired a bounty hunting license. He helps Cosecha with her work at the House of Healing, and they're currently saving up money to purchase armor for themselves.


In stark contrast to his constant companion's surly and unpleasant demeanor, most people find it extremely difficult not to like Severin. He is kind, brave, and extremely loyal to his friends--Cosecha, above all. Severin believes in helping and protecting the innocent and defenseless, and accepting people as they are. He is not easily upset, but can get extremely sulky when certain things don't go his way.

In many ways, Severin's behavior is generally somewhat naive and juvenile. He sometimes tends to act a little like a puppy, but he also has a clear understanding of when things should be treated with more seriousness and less playfulness.

Physical Description

Severin is a small Autumn dragon from the Twilit Reach. His body, not counting wings and horns, is about the size of a corgi. He has off-white to light brownish and reddish scales, vibrant blue eyes, off-white horns in the shape of branches and a variety of frills that look like red autumn leaves. His wings are also adorned with the same frills.

Abilities & Skills

Mundane Skills

  • Fighting with claws and teeth
  • Hunting
  • Flying

Magic Skills

  • Might eventually develop spark breath, but currently no magical abilities outside of long life/sturdy for his size



  • Claws and teeth


  • Just scales