Shadow Bat

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Shadow Bat
Natural Habitat: Area around Drache
Classification: Mammal
Average Size: 8-10" body length, 16-22" wingspan
Average Weight: .75-1.4 lbs
Coloring: Dark brown with reddish 'mask' on face
Distinguishing Features: Dark coloration, psychic

Shadow bats look like small fruit bats but of a more shadow type substance. They eat fruit and nuts. They are sensitive to light but can and have been seen in daylight. Lay`Trayin raises them and a few possibly thought captured or killed on delivery of messages may have escaped to become wild around Drache and would most live in the forest preserve.

The shadow bats are telepathic and great for fast delivery of written messages. Messages can be secured to them and the sender forms a picture in their mind of who and where the message needs to go to. Time for delivery of messages is usually very fast as the bats can use the shadows to get from place t place. Rewards with fruit or nuts and sometimes cheese will keep shadow bats close to hand and docile for easy catching to send on errands.

Shadow bats in the wild are very elusive and hard to catch as they will utilize shadows to escape and if grown are hard to tame for use. Young shadow bats are harder to get as the parents hide them well in shadows and they are silent until old enough to protect themselves. Breeding pairs are harder to keep in captivity but well worth it if one can keep such. Lay`Trayin keeps several breeding pairs.



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