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Other Names: Wedding Tree
Found In: Xiunhai-La
Type: Tree
Distinguishing Features: White wood, fragrant, small pale white/pink flowers
Uses: crafts, sculptures, musical instruments

Growth Cycle

The flowers that bloom on the Shenshu tree only bloom for a limited amount of time and normally appear only a couple of days in the early portion of the year. When the flowers to bloom though they are just as fragrant as the wood of the tree. The flowers are not known to have any use other than looking beautiful and smelling beautiful.

Regional Information

The wood of this tree grows soft and the tree is a bit delicate so inclimate weather will severely harm it. The white and pink flowers of the tree are also known as 'kissing flowers' and it is popular for people of the area to marry when the Shenshu tree is in bloom, it is also common for those that have married during the blooming of the trees to use the white wood in decorations in their homes or jewelry as gifts.


Much like many of the plants from Xiunhai-La, these trees do not bloom in the soil of other countries, it is only able to grow and survive in its home soil.


These trees produce a fragrant, durable, white wood used for most exported crafts. Depending on the woodworker, the final product can be either heavy, or light, though the wood is mostly used for decorative purposes, sculptures, and musical instruments, but never for furniture.