Speaking Arangothek Phrasebook

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This phrasebook is modelled after the list of Some Common Phrases in P. Feaster's Teach Yourself Arangothian text. The written text was done by OrchidMantis, and some of them cobbled together by bornfor. Curious as to who did which? Click the image and read the desc!. The spoken words are by bornfor.

Click any phrase to hear it spoken!


Me enxenim.png

  • me enxenim
  • "sincerely" at the close of a letter, literally "by my hand."

Good Day / Hello!

Ai van hest.png

Good day to you.

Ai van hest ne ken.png

I wish you a good day.

Min ve neskix ai van hest ne ken.png

Good bye

Ai van branth.png

Good night.

Ai van mink.png

Who are you?

Ken ve sin.png

What is your name?

Tessim ve sin corrected2.png

My name is...

Tessim ve corrected.png

Where do you come from?

Ker sin umpi ken in ettix Corrected.png

I come from...

Min in ettix ker corrected.png

Where are you from?

Sin umpik ve ken.png

I am an Arangothian.

Arangothek ve min.png

Are you an Arangothian?

Kat Arangothek ve ken.png

Can you speak Arangothian?

Kat me Arangothek ken ve thratix flaraula.png

  • [Me_arangothek_min_mu_ve_thratix_flaralua.mp3]
  • Can you speak Arangothian?

I can (not) speak Arangothek.

Me Arangothek min (mu) ve thratix flaralua.png

I don't understand.

Min (mu) ve Nethratix.png

Where is...?

Ben sin umpi ve.png

Do you have any...?

Kat ken darmix ai silek ul corrected.png