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Vital Stats
Full Name: Tarma Aiobheann Fiann
Age: 65
Date of Birth: November 13, 1947
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan
Race: Werewolf
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Amber, with Green Eyeshine
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 250 lbs
Additional Information
Nickname: That Bitch
Occupation: Retired Bounty Hunter, Graveyard Caretaker for the Royal Church
Marital Status: Are you kidding?
Player: Suzthulhu

Character Background

Tarma was not born in the land of Arangoth, the continent of Veth, or even anywhere in this world. She was born in Detroit, Michigan, at the end of the 1940s. Her childhood was normal enough, in spite of the rather awkward and potentially horrifying discovery of her lycanthropy at age 14. Her childhood is not the important part of this story.

What is important, is that nearly 20 years ago, she blundered into the RedFang Bar, the hangout of another werewolf, like her, and numerous Vampires. A life outside a proper upbringing as a werewolf had not introduced her to the conflicts between the two species, and as such, she fell into the crowd easily, befriending and even falling in love with one of the vampires. A portal existed within the bar between the world she'd been born in and the world she would soon discover, that of what would soon become Arangoth and the city of Drache.

Tarma remembers a time before Drache was really Drache, when Queen AngelSin and King BLKDRAGON had only just arrived themselves to establish the city and its monarchy. The first time she stumbled into the BlkDragon Inn, she encountered another man, like herself, in the midst of a transformation she was intimately familiar with. She helped him stave off the transformation with the use of wolfsbane, and from there, began to become familiar with the new world she'd come into. Others from the RedFang Bar came and went through the portal as they pleased, until a final event sealed it forever, locking Tarma and several others into this world.

Confused and trying to deal with the desire to remain with the vampire she loved, she asked him to make her one of them, something held as an abomination in the eyes of werewolf and vampire kind. He did so, and though she lived through it, it lead to madness, rejection, pain, and her eventual suicide. How she survived and did not fully die is a subject she refused to discuss with anyone, until she met a man named Wolfram. In a terrible war between the spirit of the vampire within her and the suppressed spirit of the werewolf, Wolfram succeeded in helping her drive the bloodthirsty spirit from her body for good.

Tarma has waged war on vampires for over a decade now, with no sign of stopping. Those she encounters don't live long once she discovers them, and she's known to wear a necklace of fangs to display as trophies. Though she retired from being an employed bounty hunter years ago when the city did away with the roster, she won't hesitate to hunt them for sport if the opportunity presents itself.

Tarma has also traveled extensively during her time in this world, wandering from Outer Arangoth all the way to the deserts of Najjir and the orclands of Zul Kiras and back. While moving through Assi, she encountered a tribe being hunted by one of her own kind. She had fought for years to control her bestial nature, and seeing one of her own behaving in such a manner enraged her. She briefly joined up with the tribe, befriending its members as she helped them rid themselves of the menace for good. One of those friends was a yount Ietsai in training, Kethryveris Trelvasi; the two women became fast friends, a relationship that continues to this day.

Now, Tarma lives either in the Forest Reserve, where she feels at home with her lupine brethren, or in a small caretaker's shack in the Royal Church's graveyard. From there, she watches for newly risen undead and maintains the grounds as needed.

Physical Description

Of average height for a woman of her time, Tarma stands at around 5'8" in height. She is much heavier than she looks simply because her human muscle structure is dense and compact; she has biceps most men would kill for, and every motion ripples a little. In spite of this, there's nothing masculine in her appearance. She is just a woman in prime physical condition due to her lycanthropic nature.

Tarma's hair is a rich auburn color, and her skin is tanned from years of working outside under the sun. Her eyes are a golden amber color that reflects greenish gold eyeshine, like a predator. In spite of her actual age, she appears to be in her mid to late twenties. When she smiles, twin sets of elongated canines can easily be seen.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

Tarma is very adept at sniffing out the undead, and has contributed substantially to the reduction in Drache's vampire population over the years. As a lycanthrope, she is subject to full-moon frenzy, which can manifest as more irritability than usual to a full out, uncontrolled shift to her werewolf form. As a werewolf, she stands over 8' tall, and has all the nasty traits of a werewolf, including big teeth, fur, a tail, and the propensity to eat anyone or anything in her path. As a dire wolf, she stands waist-high to a man on all four feet, and displays a lovely red and gold brindled coat.

Other Information

Advice? Don't get on her bad side. She can hold a grudge like no other.