Thamno Snake

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Thamno Snake

Adaez Snake
Natural Habitat: Adaez trees, Pentland
Classification: Reptile
Average Size: 16 inches
Coloring: shades of green/yellow/brown
Distinguishing Features: solid colored body with a single stripe down the back from nose to tail tip

Arboreal rear-fanged snakes often found in Pentland. They call the terrible Adaez trees home and their small size makes it easy to navigate around and avoid bumping into the potentially exploding fruit. As their fangs are far back and venom weak they're harmless to people.


Thamno snakes are slender snakes that average up to sixteen inches and live in the branches and on the fruit of the Adaez tree. The Thamno snakes have relatively small teeth and though they do have a mild venom there is no real way for them to distribute it to anything larger than them. They use the venom to take down their smaller prey but it would have no effect on a human. Generally the snake is a solid color like a dark green or brown with one single stripe of lighter color running down their back.


These snakes are harmless and normally utilize the curves of the Adaez tree to conceal itself, twining like a vine around the limbs. Because of their small width the snake is also able to curl up in the spines of the Adaez fruit, tangling their slender bodies through the points and using it as a natural defense.

Breeding Habits

Thamno snakes go into brumation before they mate. They stop eating for about two weeks beforehand to clear their stomachs of any food that would rot there otherwise. Thamno snakes begin mating as soon as they emerge from brumation. During mating season, the males mate with several females. The young are incubated in the lower abdomen, at about the midpoint of the length of the female's body. Gestation is two to three months in most species. As few as three or as many as 80 snakes are born in a single litter. The young are independent upon birth.

Other Characteristics

Because of the location that the Thamno snake calls home, the flightless Kirak is its closest natural predator. Thamnos eat slugs, earthworms, leeches, lizards, ants, frog eggs,toads, and rodents but they also try and eat the eggs of the Kirak, raiding nests when they are able to get at them.