The Rumormill

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The Rumormill Offices are located in a large, multi-story building just off of Merchants' Square. It is owned by Mott The Gnoll, who is in charge of the actual news gathering and reporting, and Sir Valerio Del'Arizzo, who handles financial matters. The business employs a number of investigators (generally referred to as Rumormongers behind their backs), writers, consultants, and delivery people. Following the mold set by other newsletters such as The Talisman, and the short-lived Informer, the Rumormill has expanded to become the most widely distributed news publication in Drache in recent years. It is published on a roughly monthly schedule; the owners’ method of producing such a huge number of copies is a closely guarded secret.

Entirely privately funded, the Rumormill is not answerable to any sort of government or higher power than its two owners, often much to the dismay of many civil officials who find themselves the targets of the Rumormill’s editorials. The Rumormill often contains sensationalist writing and articles of questionable journalistic merit, though its writers are often quite literate and well read (not to mention long-winded). With its scintillating and often scandalous content, added to the fact that it has no real competition at the moment, the Rumormill has made both of its owners very rich men.