Thontaran Horse

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Thontaran Horse
Natural Habitat: Thontaran
Classification: Mammal
Average Size: 40-55" to shoulder, steeds considerably larger
Average Weight: 840-1,000 lbs, steeds roughly twice that
Coloring: Light body, dark mane and tail, may have splotches
Distinguishing Features: Thick body

Tend to be a bit shorter than usual due to steppe pony blood in most of the breeding lines. Most of the Thontaran horses also tend to be thicker in body than the average horse. However, the breed is noted for power and stamina above looks. However, Thontaran steeds the size of the larger warhorses have been seen. Thonaran steeds are not prized as breeding stock among the aesthetically inclined, but breeders that know of horses and wish to breed for hardy strength could do no better than to choose a Thontaran stallion or mare to bring that about.



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