Tree Spider

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Tree spider

Winter coloration pictured above
Natural Habitat: Warmer climates. Veth, Pentland, Bahija, northern Alesian Imperium, Cabalos Islands, Isles of Myst
Classification: Insect
Average Size: 5-11"
Average Weight: .4oz
Coloring: Vivid green in spring, brown in winter
Distinguishing Features: Changing colors, round body

This arachnid is as beautiful as it is deadly to it's prey. The color is a vivid bring green and fades to brown in colder months. The spider with legs outstretched can be 11 inches across with a lethal neurotoxin bite to small rodents and make humans seriously sick. Fortunately they are reclusive in nature. This spider hides in tree where they make their home, or on the brush to drop on unsuspecting prey and quickly bite to paralyze. Dragging their prey more then 5 times their weight they proceed to eat. Normally leaving their remains in a 'graveyard' of sorts under a rock. Like most spiders the male is smaller and darker in shape and is sometimes eaten after mating. Eggs are laid inside prey that has not been eaten and upon hatching, receive food from insect as they prefer to nest in jade beetles or other insects.



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