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City Information
Realm Najjir
Province Ul'habad
Population Unknown
Established Unknown
Currency None
Government Ruled by a Shah.
Head of State Scholar Emminent, Shah Qare'i
Religion Menxism

Origins & History

Unlike the other Najjira domains which melded, molted and split, Ul’habad, being off to the side, remained largely unchanged throughout the centuries. It is protected by a small legion of holy warriors of the church and augmented by specialist mercenaries. The church also sees itself as the watcher of the Ankenah monastery to prevent historians of the old empire from getting any un-Menxist ideas.


Ruled by a Shah.

Layout & Architecture

The mountains of Bassij open up onto a vast plateau that dead-ends into a two mile vertical drop into the prairie below. Perched on this shelf are the towers of Ul’habad, the worshipful home of priests and mystics from the east of Najjir. Several observatories loom into the sky. One of the city walls is dominated by the Ul’habadi Ankenah Monastery that keeps all recovered Imperial Archives of Amas’kyaa.

Laws & Customs

Ul’habad has the largest Menxist church in Najjir, where the prophet Mahiyat had his final heart attack. The Shah himself is a cleric of Menxwan, which explains the city’s somber and pious character. It’s not the place to go for a party, but it is just the city to make a pilgrimage or become a scholar if you’re not into the hustle and bustle of Qarsythe’s academia. Also, as a city of high elevation and sparse cloud cover, it is perfect for astronomers.

Groups of Interest

The Ul’habadi School is the top authority on Ankenan in the deserts. Scholars accepted to the school live a quasi-monastic existence of study, contemplation and endless translation. Anyone who considers themselves a serious linguist has visited the school at least once in their life.