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User Bio
Real Name: Suzanna
Nickname: Suzthulhu
Birthdate: 10 September 1978
Age: 41
Location: Oregon
Occupation: Pain in the Ass
First Visited BDI: Waaay back in 1996
Status: Master of the Universe
Characters Played: Tarma
Zesstra Riknueth
Natalia Derseblan
Yisuujah M'Awliat
Constance Oblivie
Imalia Danvers

User Bio

I started playing in BDI sometime in 1996, when I was still a senior in highschool. My first character ever was Tarma, followed by Tevian and a whoooole slew of others, half of which I can't even remember now! My first RP partners were Vindice, Ksuanidra/Siobhanne, Kesstryl/Lasiriven, and AngelSin and BLKDRAGON themselves. I've pretty much been here off and on ever since, minus a few deployments for the military and a hiatus now and then.