Vampiric Glider

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Vampiric Glider
Natural Habitat: Kargaan Vale
Classification: Mammal
Average Size: 15" to 17" long, tail same length
Average Weight: 1.3-5.5 lbs
Coloring: Dark reddish brown with tan ventral side
Distinguishing Features: Deceptively cute, round eyes, large ears

The second-favorite survival horror story about Kargaan Vale involves discovering a cute little tree critter with deceptively moist round eyes, only to have it sink its paralyzing fangs into the traveler's flesh and drink his blood. This is a very real thing that happens. Although blood loss is often negligible, it's a vector for infection and the paralysis renders the traveler vulnerable to other predators, of which there are many.



Breeding Habits

Other Characteristics