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Wolfen of Solandaria
Racial Characteristics
Average Height: Males 5'10-6'3, Females 5'6-5'11
Average Weight: Males 170-250lb, Females 150-210lbs
Hair Color: Darker colours, sometimes mixed together
Eye Color: Golden brown, amber, gold
Other Information
Country of Origin: Solandaria
Languages: Wolfen (heard as yips and growls) Common
Major Religion: Shamanism


In the beginning it was believed that the Wolfen evolved from wolves to adapt better to their surroundings. As they grew they were oginally nomadic and roamed about the lands interacting with other tribes of Wolfen to be found. The land areas for them was not that big until the main tribe settled in a valley. They had been in the valley for some hundreds of years adapting to the climate and land. Now it is believed that those who come from the valley are the most pure as they have not interacted as much with other species. There is however some inbreeding that results in shifter type Wolfen but it is a very rare occurrence and they seldom live past their teens.

As the Wolfen thrived with their newest location they became hunter/gatherers. They became omnivorous over time eating grains and vegetables as well as meat. They also had great warriors spring from their ranks as they started to have troubles with other tribes outside the valley. The Wolfen of the valley loathed war but became proficient at it to preserve their lives as they were. As they became better known in some areas other peoples came to war on thembut the Wolfen protected their valley relentlessly until very few came to make war on them. They are mostly peaceful by nature and very few roam away from the valley but soemfew have the nomadicism still bred into them and they will roam to far away places. Those that roam are most likely to be warriors of one kind or another and become mercenaries. The Wolfen do not practice magic within the normal scope of life leaving such as far as their shamans go to do what they do best.

Race Origins

Located in a deep flat based valley with mountains growing upward around them. A placid river flows down the center of the valley which has copious amounts of trees and what appear to be large tracts of gardens. The mountains range upward from small rolling hills to bare tops with moss covered granite. The lands are very fertile and see flooding often in spring so many of the peoples know how to swim and keep their homes hopefully out of flood range in the foothills. The valley is approximately five miles wide and 10 miles long. There are other connected valleys but Solandaria is the most widely populated.

The people of Solandaria are wolfens. They are basically anthro wolves in various colors. Most are dark colored and both male and female can be warriors and such depennding on what they wish to do.


Lifestyle: While their lifestyle may seem simple there is an underlying complexity. Sex before mating is deeply frowned upon as it would clash with their studies and training. Mating is done usually after a wolfen is grown and fully finished with studies (approximately 18 or 19 years of age. Some even older). When they decide to mate it is usually done in late winter or early spring when the females court with males and come into 'season'. The mating ritual consists of them singing and howling to the moon for a full night delcaring their feelings for each other and to promise to mate for life to the moon and stars as witness. When the sun rises they greet the sun and consumate their binding to each other. They are also deeply territorial when it comes to their mates and homes. They will protect them with their lives if need be as well as to protect any young. Elders when no longer able to help protect or teach go off alone to die so as not to be a burden on the community.

Lifespan: Their years are more or less equivalent to human years having thirtheen moons per year. Thier maximun age to date has been at fifty if not younger due to illness and fighting (generally other tribes or those who wish to impose their will on them).

Typical Racial Characteristics

Tall slender or muscular creatures resembling wolves on two legs. They have lupine heads and humanoid type bodies. their legs crook like a wolf's would and their hands bear claws that are not retractable.


Their religion is mainly one of shamanism. They follow the stars and moons for events throughout the year. Birthdays are told by the number of moons passed for their year of birth. Those born on a full moon are considered to automatically be warriors.

There are three types of Shamans 1: Those who heal the body, 2: Those who heal the soul and mind 3: And more rarely the ones who can heal the whole body and soul. Shamans are both male and female but there are a few of those considered to be inbreds. It is believed over a course of inbreeding that shifters are born. While not shunned they are nort fuly accepted either (except the few shamans).

Drug Use

Many of the shamans also use the equivalent of peyote that they call spirit wood. The way it is dried and kept makes it seem like a small piece of spongey wood. It is difficult to chew but is also used by the spiritual shamans for visions and vision quests.

Another drug they use is mushrooms for much the same effect of the spirit wood. Warriors are also known to use these drugs before battle to try to have visions or to bring them good luck on the battlefield