Woolly Camel

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Woolly camel
Natural Habitat: Panguro
Classification: Mammal
Average Size: 6-8' at shoulder, 7-9' at hump
Average Weight: 250-350 lbs
Coloring: Medium to dark brown
Distinguishing Features: Thick woolly coat

Typical mount of the swordsmiths of Panguro, the woolly camel is similar to its cousin the Dromedary in size and shape. However, surviving in the harsh winter climates of the northern-lying archipelago has required it to grow thick, dark fur more akin to the Bactrian. The Woolly Camel of Panguro is also somewhat leaner and slightly taller than its cousins. It is no surprise then, that though it cannot go as long without sustenance, it is more nimble and swift.



Breeding Habits

Other Characteristics