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Natural Habitat: Varies
Classification: Semi-Reptiles
Average Size: Varies
Average Weight: Varies
Coloring: Varies
Distinguishing Features: Winged forelimbs


Wyverns can generally be broken down into two sub-groups, the Northern Wyvern and the Southern Wyvern. The Northern wyverns of Veth are often much larger in size and have more robust physiques, such as the Varstad wyverns, that live at high altitude mountain ranges. The Southern Wyverns on the other hand, such as those found in Pentland and elsewhere in the south, are often much smaller than their northern cousins. They are both draconic in nature and appearance, and a defining feature they all share are the winged forelimbs that separate their classification from other draconic species.


Varies depending on which sub-species of wyvern they belong to.

Breeding Habits

Varies depending on which sub-species and regional variety of wyvern they belong to.

Other Characteristics