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Vital Stats
Full Name: Xyrinskeerax
Age: Undead Great Wyrm
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Elgar
Race: Dracolich
Eye Color: White
Height: 110' (Length)
Weight: Unknown
Additional Information
Aliases: The Corrupted, The Foul, The Forgotten One
Religion: Unknown

Character Background

The egg that once held the body of the fetal dragon that would become Xyrinskeerax was laid long ago, in a carefully crafted nest within the Elgar Forest. This was long before the corruption took hold of the wood and it was a place of peaceful coexistence. Sadly, the dragonling never had the strength to develop and hatch from his armored shell. Instead, the stillborn egg was stolen from its nest and spirited away by a predator. During the abduction, however the egg was lost again. It tumbled down hills and through underbrush, to eventually disappear into the depths of the lagoon at the heart of the Elgar.

At this time, the corruption too was young and underdeveloped. It resided in the dark depths of the water, biding its time and awaiting its own rise to prominence. This manifest evil took the discarded egg into its own womb and nurtured it in the only way it could. The dark power seeped through the shell of the egg, turning it black and malleable. The fetus within was also twisted and corrupted, but given life different from that which it was not strong enough to cling to so early in its existence.

As the corruption grew and its hold on the forest became stronger, so did its adopted hatchling. When Xyrinskeerax first opened its eyes, it saw only inky, black tar and felt only the icy cold of the deepest trenches within the Black Lagoon. There, in the frigid pitch of its false placenta, the dracolich learned what it was to hate all life and yearn for agony and destruction.

When it finally emerged from the foul waters, the undead creature found a forest enveloped in shadow and pain. The Elgar belonged to the corruption and so did all that was left within it.

Physical Description

Xyrinskeerax is a twisted and broken mirror image of its only clutchmate, Essenthvorthanax. In life, the dragon would have been a massive spectacle of power and beauty. Instead, Xyrinskeerax resembles more a desiccated corpse, when it is able to take physical form. It's flesh hanging like moth-eaten tapestry from its wretched bones.

Most of the time that it dwells in the depths of the black forest, the dracolich is without tangibility. Instead, it moves as a wraith through the trees, like a cold and foul wind.

Talents, Skills, Quirks

  • Xyrinskeerax is a massive, undead dragon. Physically, though it appears fragile from rot and decay, it has the strength of a living beast of the same size.
  • Even with its skeletal wings, Xyrinskeerax has the ability to fly and create a powerful gust of wind using these appendages.
  • As with most dragons, Xyrinskeerax uses a breath weapon as its primary form of attack. What emanates from the creature is a deadly miasma that, even at distance, can infect those unfortunate enough to be within its path with a decimating sickness. In closer proximity, the cloud is almost immediately fatal.
  • As a dracolich, Xyrinskeerax is capable of taking both physical and corporeal form. When in its wraith-like state, it is able to rejuvenate the energy lost when become physical.
  • The Elgar and the corruption within it nurture Xyrinskeerax and give him power. The closer to the Black Lagoon, the stronger the dracolich becomes.

Other Information

Xyrinskeerax was the only other dragon born within the same clutch as Essenthvorthanax, the amber dragon that once lived in and protected the Elgar, before the corruption took hold. Though they've never met, both draconic creatures have an inherent sense that the other exists. In the case of Xyrinskeerax, it knows only hatred for its estranged sibling.