Rumor Mill 16.X.487

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Rumor Mill 16.X.487

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A Mystery Unveiled

Rumors have been flying as to why our fair Sithire always covers herself in the sun. It has been noted that Her Grace Sithire Isabelle Auxerre wears a head-covering in the day, and her estate is fitted with spellglass windows. Fear not, the Rumor Mill has uncovered the truth of the matter! Her Grace was in some type of alchemical accident, an unfortunate incident that left her extremely sensitive to the sunlight. We are still in the dark as to the gory details of the accident, but conjecture could be made that it did not brighten the Sithire’s day.

A Grim Situation

Once again, there have been reports that Grimblade has been spotted. This time, the event happened over in the Back Alley. Apparently, someone claimed they were Grimblade, and a good deal of yelling could be heard in the alley. Shortly after, explosions rocked the sewers. Supposedly, there was one casualty, but the details of this death are also unclear. This person must not have been very important to warrant an ID, which isn’t surprising when one considers the location of the incident. Still, citizens should remain on alert

New Rules for City Officials

In light of a certain tiefling magistrate’s actions, new rules have been implemented for city guards and magistrates regarding how relationships may be carried out. It is now necessary for all guards and magistrates to give a detailed outline for any relationships they may hold that could pose a conflict of interest with their ability to carry out their job. We assume, this means that all relationships held by guards and magistrates must be given a detailed outline. While these measures may seem like common sense, it has apparently not been necessary to spell it out previously. In the future, hopefully the judiciary officials will keep their relationships a little more guarded. Or perhaps, less guarded.

Heartbreaks and Heartbursts, a Story of Tragedy and Trauma (By Shayde)

There have been a string of grisly murders reported by numerous individuals regarding the apparent mutilation and mauling of several residents of Drache. Sources point to a demonic cult perhaps stealing hearts, or a demon plague erupting and causing demons to literally burst from chests after incubation. Either way, reports make clear the savage means of death for these victims, and each seems to be missing entrails.

A few people have also been reported missing entirely, which is supposedly for later virgin sacrifices. More news will follow, as this will no doubt require at least one follow-up article.

Report of Strange Events at Black Water Asylum (By Jammy)

Jose` Tubee, a local ferry pilot, who claims to be the greatest ferry captain in Drache (uncollaborated) said he witnessed strange events at Black Water Asylum during his run last Sunday. The following is his eyewitness report in its entirity.

"We set off Sunday mornin', like we always does. Despite me better judgement, having spotted both a black cat and a raven while walking to the wharf in the wee mornin' hours. I had no passengers but we was bringing out a load of supplies. The seas were choppin', tryna buck The Albatros right out the water. It was like she were angry we was even tryna get out past the break waters.

"As we approached the docks at Black Water that's when I sar it. A ring of dark clouds, darker than the dark clouds that always haunt that place. I mean, these clouds was dark. Darkest dark clouds I ever sar. Anyway, me crew, they were balkin' and bitchin', so after gettin' them back in line we pulled along the dock. The guards unloaded the cargo quickly, telling us we best get going, that there was an 'incident' in the Tower of for the Criminally Insane, and they couldn't be havin' no outsiders about. So we unloaded and left.. There was lightnin' strikes and the air was thick. Like one of them cream brewlies with the fancy melted sugar on top. But we got back out into the seas, which were frothin' and cappin' over me stern.That when we heard it, clear as ya kin hear me now. A woman screamin'. And not a good kinna screamin' either. She weren't knocking boots, she was terrified.. Awful. It haunts me."

Something’s Fishy

As one may recall, in the last issue of the Rumor Mill, we covered a story about a scouting mission to scope out, and eventually eradicate pirates who were plaguing the Merchants guild. Said scouts returned to report not only pirates, but a giant sea monster, who swallowed ships whole! As far as we could tell at the time, the scouts were the only survivors. More recently, we found out this was not the case! The captain and the some of crew of The Hummingbird (the original scouting ship) were alive, and returned to Drache. Later, the ship set out once again, this time to defeat the sea monster. The events that followed could not better be described than by one of the brave adventurers herself. I was able to speak to Gudrun, who generously provided an account of the trip:

“I was a part of the quest against pirates. Initially, it was supposed to only involve pirates, but, yes, it would seem a sea monster was being controlled by two druids and a captive sea elf. I can't really say how that happened in the first place. The first outing, a scouting mission, went horribly as you've heard. I guess there were more survivors than we initially thought. The captain of the Hummingbird and some of his crew are still alive and went on the second outing. We went out with two ships and three decoys filled with black powder. The fireships served to halt the sea monster while we engaged the pirates. It tried to swallow them all at once, and BOOM. After we killed the captain and druid then freed the sea elf, the leviathan came back up, made a noise, and just sorta left. I guess it wasn't mad that we'd just blown its face up a little. Hopefully we won't see the leviathan again.”

It may be hard to believe that a sea monster who swallows ships is entirely benign, but citizens, you have no need to fear. We are sure that the accounts are accurate and it’s a docile creature. Certainly, it didn’t simply leave to plot revenge of a larger nature.
Yet other accounts hold that the sea-monster was released through some sort of blood ritual in none other than Drache itself! If the ranting of a scruffy pirate at the inn can be believed, it was connected with some sort of well where one could have their wishes granted. A sea elf ended up releasing the monster, but then it was apparently the case that both the sea-elf and the monster are totally benevolent. Seems likely when blood rituals are involved.

Masquerade Ball

Notedly posted mostly in the more upscale areas of town, the Tivaurds have announced that they are hosting a masquerade ball on 10.29. Most are welcome to attend, so long as they dress accordingly. We say "most," because people of feline descent are unwelcome, and it seems that while people of fae descent are permitted, it is specifically stated that they must R.S.V.P. No one knows why the exclusions are included, but it seems that when it come's to the Tivuards' speciesism, the cat's out of the bag. Those who attend are required to wear formal ball attire, as well as a masque.

A Hairy(less) Situation

On the topic of creatures of feline descent, there have been reports of a ferocious large cat attacking a group of people, including a pregnant woman, at The King’s Inn. Conflicting stories state that a young man, commonly known as Justin Scorch attacked first, then the cat “person” retaliated. Whatever the truth as to who started it, we have been able to determine that the brawl involved Zarah Crane the Menxrukian cultist, Aldenaxk the pirate-hunter (Or pirate. It’s unclear), Lucinda Darke the magistrate’s daughter, and her old heart-throb, Justin Scorch the ruffian playboy, as well as the early mentioned cat-beast thing.

In any event, there must be at least one or two magistrates doing their job, as the cat thing recently appeared entirely shaved, Zarah Crane and Lucinda Darke showed up fingerless, and Justin Scorch was given time in the stocks. Thus, Justin was halted for a time in chasing women, which must be hard for him because one needs more fingers to count the women he has been with if the rumors are correct. And in Zarah and Lucinda’s case, quite a bit more fingers.

SALE! SALE! SALE! (By DragonWielder)

Baroque's general is having a sale! Those who buy one or more piece of armor get 15-20 percent off on other adventurers gear. New adventurers are encouraged to stop by and take a look!
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