Rumor Mill 29.VII.488

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Rumor Mill 29.VII.488

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Not Just a Flowery Headline: City Crisis

Drache’s pest population has bloomed out of control. There have been a number of critters, all huge, and all dangerous. 5 foot long roaches are crawling about, 8 foot long bedbugs, and even a ten foot long centipede was spotted. So far, the bedbugs are responsible for at least 10 deaths. A tangle of rats was also reported. These monsters are not even the worst of it. Gigantic plant life has sprouted up along the Darian River. Not your garden variety of plants, these have been spreading toxic pollen, which covers the West Drache, The Merchant District and the BlkDragon District in a haze. One Hundred and Thirty eight deaths have been reported as linked to the pollen. The pollen can be traced by to several plants throughout the region. Each of the plants are normal species for their placement, though they have grown to such an unusual size that they have significantly increased their flower power. We strongly caution people to stay rooted indoors as much as possible or wear protection over their mouth and nose in the event that they must leaf their residence. No place is safe in Drache.

In any event, the citizens of Drache are left to wonder, what caused these pests to go from moderately annoying to a city crisis?

Blood Rain

We might just have one possible answer to the question of the gigantic pests. On 17.VI.488, the skies opened up and rained blood. We believe it is possible that this blood-rain was the result of some dark ritual in which the ground was seeded to make something that would be normal, instead large and monstrous. Or, perhaps it was even some dark god who sent the blood rain to cause the plagues. This is an ill omen indeed, my friends. While those within the circles of Natural Philosophy might try and tell us this was some sort of natural phenomenon, the people are much too smart to believe this. The blood rain is clearly a warning sign of the dark days to come (and are here even now). The people of Drache have become complacenent in their cushy guarded city. Heed the signs now and prepare. Don’t be caught unaware, and keep faith in Menxvan, for only he can drive away the darkness.*

*The Rumor Mill endorses no single faith or religious organization.

Pink Plague Strikes Drache (By Shayde)

A new plague has been sweeping through the streets of Drache, increasing amounts of women beginning to wear all pink. Hair, clothing, makeup, altogether creating a sea of pink that is destroying the traditional dark colors of Arangoth. A woman was reported as having created this trend when the force of her colorful nature literally destroyed a portion of gray cobblestone. The power of pink is (as of yet) unknown and seemingly unmatched, so any adventurer who seeks a leg up in their travels should invest in pink arms and armor immediately. Is this movement avant garde, or just for a stupid bard? We’ll update as the story develops.

Mhernettla Toppled (By Shayde)

Thanks to the efforts of several adventurers and the stoic leadership of Sithire Wisplight of Elgaria, the tormented Korthai city of Mhernettla has ascended from the depths of its corruption. Mhernettla is historically the city held by the Mhern family, with the most recent ruler being Harlst Mhern-Lathvek of Korthai fame. Sir Mhern-Lathvek was the man responsible for delivering grain to Drache during the famine of 480. Sir Mhern-Lathvek was not only lauded for his ending of the Drachean famine, but also held a seat on the Regency Council for several years. With Mhernettla cleansed and the Korthai scourge removed, the city has turned into an open canvas for the people of Elgaria to paint however they so choose.

Missing Magistrate!

The Honorable Senkessa ul-Alaford Silak has gone missing! No one knows exactly what happened to her, although rumors have spread that she kept in the company of the Korthai, Emir Deyash. As everyone knows, “korthai” and “pirate” are basically synonyms. This means a life of pillage, plunder, and generally acting in a disagreeable fashion. Therefore, it is not too far a stretch to imagine that the korthai is involved in some way. Whether it was an act of violence or her Honor decided being honorable was boring and she simply ran or sailed away, we cannot say. It should be noted that currently, we are unaware of any charges against Emir Deyash.

A Scapegoat or Tiefling Trouble

The remains of a pair of horns and what appeared to be a charred body were found in the street. Perhaps horns would suggest some type of goat-man/person/thing. I kid you not. That would explain why the body was charred. Maybe someone saw a goat-thing and got hungry. A more sinister explanation was that it was a tiefling who let their demon blood take over. Even worse, it could be a full-blooded demon, though that seems unlikely as it is generally accepted that demons are hell to kill. Either way, perhaps they attacked someone who has no choice but to fight fire with fire.

This incident somehow seems tied to The Honorable Drama Parkatire, who was apparently assaulted by her father at some point. Perhaps they were butting heads over something. While we do not know the direct link, we know her Honor is interested in the charred remains and horns, and we also assume that her father was a tiefling as well, so perhaps that explains the horns.

Two Officers, one Arena

Sargent against Lieutenant, Sargent Kothliim and Branth ul-Alathar Mitrod fought in unarmed combat in the Arena. It was a great fight with loth of intense moments, but in the end, Lt. Mitrod was beaten by his inferior. Kothliim won the fight, making him the second guard who ranked lower than Lt. Mitrod to beat him in the Arena. The fight was put on for charity. Congratulations Sargent Kothllim!

Justice for the Justices

A matter was brought before the council on whether or not magistrates should continue to be allowed to carry out summary trials. The arguments against this existing laws were that the law was put into place at a time of considerable unrest in the city. Now that the Drache is under a more stable government, summary trials are both no longer necessary and violate the rights of the citizens. Furthermore, in active crime scenes, the civic guard has jurisdiction. Only in emergencies may a magistrate be deputized, though they will still be subject to the command of the highest ranking guard at the scene. All Measures concerning magistrate conduct passed.

Along with doing away with summary trials, it was also ruled that the Royal Church should not be given extraordinary protections, but would be subject to the same right and laws as any other religious organization in Drache.

Tournament of Martial Prowess

By now, all must have seen the posters around town. There is to be a Tournament of Martial Prowess. There are brackets for armed, unarmed, and archery. First place will receive 3,500 crown and second place takes home 1,000. Good luck to all participants!

An Interview with Vorfon Gudrun

At half past nine in the evening, I made my way through the dark streets to the Lady Gudrun and Arangire Uzzo Salksilek’s house where we had agreed to meet. It was a gusty night and the wind vibrated against various buildings to make all manner of whispers, moans, and whistles. The cacophonous mixture of sounds was perhaps the first sign that there was something that was amiss. I shivered, though coldness was absent. Would that I had turned back then and listened to the intuition I felt in my gut. Alas, I continued on, forcing my feet to carry me. When I finally arrived, I realized I hadn’t been entirely aware of all the steps I had taken to get there. Perhaps the malignant wind had lulled me into some sort of trance. However, I must have indeed walked the entire way because there I was standing at the bottom of the steps of the Lady Gudrun’s house. I peered upwards, willing me eyes to see what was at the top of the stairs, but I didn’t see very far because the darkness was thick. It was then that I first felt it – the beginning of the tendrils slip into my consciousness. Steeling myself, I made my way up toward the door. I felt my footfalls drum in my ears. With each step my trepidation increased. I wasn’t sure how much time passed during my assent, but some length of time must have passed because there I was standing at the door. Even then I could have turned back. I could have flown away. Perhaps I should have. But driven on be some sort of unwholesome fascination my hand lifted and I felt myself knocking on the door. Thump. Thump. Thump. Not even a moment passed after the knock and there was an incredible din above like many large beasts stomping across the roof. As I looked up, two glowing eyes stared down at me. Had I the mind to flee, I wouldn’t have been afforded it. For no sooner did I catch sight of the eyes when a loud creek drew me attention back to the door. There stood the Lady Gudrun, her large brown eyes staring at me. She politely invited me in.

As turning back at that time would have been most rude, I stepped inside. I was met with the soft glow of candle-light. My eyes didn’t need much time to adjust as it was already dark outside, so the dimly lit room was easy enough to see. At this point, it is hard for me to find the words to quite describe the inside of their house, though I shall do my best to put the details of my recollection into words. While the inside of the house was relatively sparse, there seemed to be a good deal of crates chaotically strewn about. Whether these were meant to be furniture, storage, or something else all-together, I am not entirely sure. The walls were also relatively empty save for a few marine maps and the like. The whole place had a sort of chaotic order to it, and it caused a cognitive dissonance in my own psyche. Farther into the room was an empty table with an armchair and lunge-chair around it. It was here that we settled for the interview. I must confess I tried to stare off into the space to the back, but all I could see beyond the sparse light was inky black. I wish I could say that the idea that someone was peculiar to sit in such half-light did not cross my mind, for that is a most impolite thought. More noise from above that sounded like a demon trying to claw its way out of hell, though Lady Gudrun assured me it was just some type of bird. Shortly after however, there was more clamor. Apparently Arangire Uzzo raised baby wyverns. We began the interview as Gudrun made tea and tea procured a “light snack” of raw meat. I shall do my best to relay the interview in her actual words so that I may present only the most accurate facts of the matter – a tradition that I’m sure you as readers have come to depend upon and expect from such an esteemed publication as the Rumor Mill. Below is as near a transcript as I am able to relay:

Q: What made you and Uzzo wish to get married?
G: “I can answer that, at least from my perspective. There are many reasons. It was a business move, for one. Uzzo was my main competitor in salvaging shipwrecks. He was temporarily put out by that Menxrukian terrorist attack, but now I've ensured that I will be in charge of those operations within Arangoth's harbors as he re-secures his holdings. I also decided I'd like offspring to inherit the money I've earned, and I figure that Uzzo would also do whatever he could to protect what's his. Marriage further secures my offspring in that regard, given the contracts he and I signed." She also added that she loved the Arangire as well.

Q1: What is it like being married to him?
Gudrun: "As for what it's like being married to him, I'd say it's quite agreeable. I have no complaints."

From here, the interview focused on the pregnancy and baby itself.

Q2: Has your pregnancy been typical?"
Gudrun: I've had some experiences caring for babies, but I have no idea what this is going to be like. I can't say if this is typical, since, firstly, this is my first time pregnant, and secondly it's a very unexpected combination.”

Q3: How have you been feeling?
Gudrun: “I have some of the weirdest cravings all the time. I wake up every other hour to eat. I hear others speak about morning sickness, but I had no such thing."

Q4: Do you have any guesses as to the gender, or if they will have a gender?
Gudrun: "Uzzo seems certain it'll be female. I'm fine with either or none, however."

Q5: Do you have any other weird cravings?
Gudrun: ”I have the urge to eat everything. Sometimes a chair or a table, even."

Q6: do you have any plans for names? How about plans for raising the child, such as schooling and the like?
Gudrun: "If it is female, as Uzzo suspects, we've settled on Suzzi. Suzzi ul-Uzzo Salksilek. Otherwise it'll be something like Uzzo the Second. I'm actually planning to head to Uzzo's estate on Goat Island very soon, just in case," of what? "I think it'd would be nice to raise a baby somewhere less polluted and quieter anyway. I plan to have it educated by a governess when it gets older, too. All of that depends on a lot of unknown variables, however."

Q7: Do you plan to stay and raise the child on Goat Island then?
Gudrun: Gudrun's responded that she was going to raise the baby on Goat Island until it's a little older and socialized. She wants to make sure it won't do something like destroy an entire city district.

Q8: Is there anything you are worried about that you wish to share, either about the pregnancy or anything else?
Gudrun: Gudrun answered that she doesn’t exactly know what to expect because the baby will be half ooze and half selkie (What?? Well, that certainly explains the large eyes! Perhaps this requires further investigation).

And with that, our interview was concluded. It is worth noting that at one point, I had the oddest feeling that Gudrun wanted to jump up and devour me. In hindsight, I might blame that suspicion on my general state of mind at the time, as well as the strange feeling I got from the dwelling. She spoke amiably enough, and was quite kind to answer all my questions. Still, though it was not rational, I was somewhat surprised as the door shut behind me.

*****Since this interview was conducted, Gudrun has given birth to her child! News has reached Drache that the baby’s name is Suzzi (Guess Uzzo was correct!). There are also reports that the baby resembles something of an amorphous seal.

Congratulations Gudrun and Uzzo! May you get some sleep at some point in the next two years.*****

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Fight Club! (By Chi)

2.IV.488 Arena Fight League is looking for more fighters. Winner's purse is 175 rixtle while loser gets a purse of 40 rixtle. Coming soon armed combat. Will sign up armed combatants during the time prior to starting it (purses will be same as unarmed). Need not be a professional but fight experience is desirable. Sponsors sought to back both fighters and the League. See Aridia Vloress at the King's in for more info. League is totally legal. Must sign contracts.
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