Rumour Mill Special Edition 8.VIII.489

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Rumour Mill Special Edition 8.VIII.489

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The printing of this Rumour Mill Special Edition presents to our loyal readers a missive received from Councilman Silverbow, head of the Bathiretil, in response to our most recent issue.
"It saddens me to know that Councilman Ma`real and Councilman Baroque, whom is currently in jail for aiding a vampire, are set in their pro-vampire ways, but I can assure you that neither of them are thralls. They simply are a bit misguided in their notions. I want you, the citizens of Drache, to know that I will continue to look out for your best interests, and will work tirelessly to ensure no pro-vampire legislation is passed on my watch."

- Councilman Lane Silverbow
Given Silverbow's efforts to eradicate vampires from our midsts, and his recent promotion to head of the Bathiretil, it should come at no surprise the stance they've taken on the matter. We here at the Rumour Mill can only hope his statement can be taken as credible, though as always, we remain vigilant against any attempts to subvert the prospect that thralls have indeed infiltrated the city council. Is it possible that Silverbow himself has been converted, and if he has, are these not exactly the reassurances one would offer to divert suspicion away from themselves? Has the entire city council fallen under the foul grasp of these denizens of the night? Could a cabal be afoot, right under our very noses, pulling the strings as they slowly convert our officials one at a time? Investigative journalists here at the Rumour Mill will keep our readers up to date with any leads that are unearthed up in our ever vigilant attempts to get to the bottom of this.
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