Regarding Our Sithire, Her Majesty Isabelle Auxerre

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Regarding Our Sithire, Her Majesty Isabelle Auxerre

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The letter is delivered to Mott the Gnoll via a string of messengers, none of which can place where exactly the letter originated from. All that is known is that the original messenger was stopped in an alley near the Mingit District, with instructions to pass it on to as many couriers as possible before handing it over to the offices at The Rumormill. A hefty sum of coin was attached to the request.

To the dear citizens of Transdariania:

You have been lied to. The turmoil that you see now on your streets, unfolding before your very eyes, is rooted in one very important decision made by a group of wealthy and powerful nobles immediately following the Arangothian Civil War. The massacres of Lathrelk, the serial murders in Drache, and the various vampiric plagues have all been spurred on by a fateful evening three years ago. I write this to you at great personal expense, as no doubt those I will expose in this letter have the connections and drive necessary to find me and end my life. I hope that if this does happen to be the case, I have served my duty as a citizen of Arangoth to the fullest extent. There are few outlets in Transdariania that rival The Rumormill, and it is with this publication that I leave what may be my dying letter.

As the reign of the magma wyrm Drogyoldiiv had come to an end, and the city of Drache was finally free from the throes of war, there was a flurry of activity. The rebuilding of the treasury, the wharf, and the harbor. There were also major renovations done to Castle Black, the least of which being windows that (conveniently) blocked sunlight. They were not blocking out light, mind you, but rather that essence of the sun which is harmful. You will understand what I mean in a moment. When these windows were installed, few paid them any mind. The few sharp-eyed citizens of Drache that did notice attributed it to a variety of factors: the need for new windows after Drogyoldiiv's destruction, the need for windows that were more beautiful, and the fact that Castle Black needed windows that were befitting of the name. This last is my favorite, but unfortunately still false. The windows of Castle Black have been reinstalled, and the windows formulated in this specific sunlight-deterring way, so that vampires may roam the halls freely.

Yes, my fellow citizens. Vampires freely roam your beloved Castle Black.

When the scourge of ghouls attacked the city of Drache, most thought it to be an odd plague. Flies clouded the skies, carrying with them disease from the dark continent of Mwayambi. Only later, and after a few very notable public battles, was it made evident that these ghouls were bred of a vampiric disease. Thanks to the efforts of a group of brave adventurers, the best of Drache, the realm was saved.

Until another massacre.

As Lathrelk was overrun by creatures of the night, it was another sign of a growing vampire presence in Arangoth. Vampires had massacred the entire town, and only a select few survived thanks to the intervention of another group of Drachean adventurers. Another purge to be made, as the vampires of Lathrelk were systematically hunted down and killed.

The encounters only grew more frequent from Lathrelk. Corrupted lycanthropes terrorizing the King's Inn, right in the center of the BLKDRAGON District. Two were wounded and driven off, while a third was much more resilient. Much more dangerous. More determination on the side of a group of adventurers, of course, and we were safe once again. But for how long?

Dracheans should not feel they need adventurers as neighbors in order to feel safe. Luckily, as this new wave of vampirism washes across the streets of Drache, there are those that are standing and protecting us. The Bathiretil, as I am sure you have all heard of, is a task force meant to rid Drache of this growing vampire problem. Its lead guardsmen and captain, Lane Silverbow, has done an impressive job of cleaning up our streets while keeping us safely out of harm's way. If not for my faith in such government organization, I would not be writing this letter today. Thanks to the selfless efforts of our Civic Guard as a whole, I still have hope for our city.

That hope is not something I hold lightly. In our midst, sitting in Castle Black, is the root of the undead scourge. The wave of vampires and vampire-related deaths we have seen in our city the last couple years. Sithire Isabelle Auxerre, my dear citizens, is a vampire. Please understand the gravity of the situation. Our own Sithire, the person we trust to protect our beloved Transdariania the most, is the source of this unholy corruption. Menxruk has found himself a worthy vessel with which to spread chaos.

I do not blame the Council of Nobles for electing our sitting Sithire, Isabelle Auxerre, to her seat of power. Just as we have been fooled, so too have they. It is even possible that she was turned after her appointment. That fact is irrelevant. Just as our city has pushed for a complete purge of vampiric forces, I come to you with this grave accusation. I do not make it lightly. I write this at the risk of my own life, and I do desperately hope that I live long enough to see justice done in this great duchy we call home.

I write this in order to spread awareness, and to better allow our trusted protectors to see us safe from the evil of vampirism. Whether these protectors be warriors of Menxvan, adventurers of Drache, or Civic Guards of the Bathiretil, I cannot say. I don't think it really makes a difference either way. So long as safety and order are restored to our city, and this cancer is removed from our midst, we may still be able to live peaceful lives. Until then, I fear only the worst.


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