Rumour Mill Special Edition (3.IX.489)

Drache's newspaper of current events and social functions.

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Rumour Mill Special Edition (3.IX.489)

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The Rumour Mill has received breaking news directly from the offices of Castle Black concerning the disturbing open letter printed in our last issue. The Sithire of Transdariania, Arangire Isabelle Auxerre, has abdicated her seat as Sithire and been taken into the custody of the Southern Margrave, Arangire Uzzo Salksilek. Martial Law was declared by the Southern Margrave, who serves as the highest ranking authority in the southern territories. Assurances have been given that the Lord Protector, Golarangire Ware ul-Broxobain Severn, has been apprised of the unfolding situation and is en route to Drache, though several days remain until his arrival.

The Rumour Mill advises citizens of Drache to remain calm and refrain from acting rashly during these trying times. A sunset curfew will be enacted to disperse groups from congregating in the streets. Travel at night only when necessary and do not linger.
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