Rumour Mill (1.X.489) (Repost)

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Rumour Mill (1.X.489) (Repost)

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Sithire On The Rise
After a tumultuous month since the previous Sithire abdicated their seat and martial law was declared, Arangire Dolurn ul-Dorn Rumunire has emerged with a majority vote amongst the Council of Noble Estates. The first edict given by Sithire Rumunire was to lift the declaration of martial law on Drache, as was expected, but serves to dump cold water on fears of a conspiracy theory that a military coup had seized power in the capital city and was essentially holding it as ransom. The Rumour Mill is not entirely familiar with Sithire Rumunire's lordship tenure nor of his political leanings, which our investigative journalists strive to correct in the near future to bring our readers a more complete picture of the man who now serves as the head of state of our fine duchy. No indication has been given yet as to the likely celebrations and their contents for our new Sithire's inauguration, we'll be sure to keep the public up to speed on any statements made on that end in the near future.

Musical Chairs - Politics Edition
The Sithire's second act of business, perhaps unsurprisingly, was a metaphorical house cleaning as almost every single standing member of the privy council was dismissed. The insinuation seems to be that their cooperation, intentional or otherwise, with the previous Sithire's administration was seen as unsavoury given the nature of the previous seat holder. While whispered rumours are abound, no actual statements or accusations have been made concerning any of them having knowledge that Arangire Auxerre was a vampire and that they were willingly working with her under these auspices. That said, it seems pretty obvious that Sithire Rumunire has showcased a blatant mistrust for the privy council members in question. The Lord Admiral, Anskar ul-Sangrith Daranek, managed to escape the ire of these dismissals, though no specific reason was cited, if we here at the Rumour Mill had to hazard a guess it's likely due to how entrenched the navy man is within the military structure of the duchy. His dismissal without very specific reasoning behind any potential accusations likely wouldn't have sat well with those under his command, let alone the Admiral himself. Smart move, Transdariania lives and breathes on its port city and its sea trade, the possibility of antagonizing the upper organization of its ranks could have unfavourable outcomes.

Now You Sithire, Now You Don't
Speaking of Sithire's, the former, Arangire Isabelle Auxerre has of this printing not been brought up on any charges, and despite some grumbling discontent from various circles, this likely isn't going to change if any of the scuttlebutt is to be believed. The vampire appears to have gotten off the hook with the instigation of her retirement to her ancestral lands of Nixke Nelki after voluntarily abdicating her former seat, as no edicts or incitement of stripping her of her lands, titles and citizenship have come to the forefront. This news has been met with an equal mixture of concern and apathy on the matter, since while the Arangire may indeed be a vampire, a dark creature very few have any measure of sympathy for, others cite the progressive political contributions in both economic and infrastructure to the duchy, Drache specifically. Is swallowing this bitter pill simply the price we have to pay for her assistance and beneficial contributions during and after the civil war, as the duchy rebuilt and pulled itself from the nearly decade long economic mire? While difficult to say we here at the Rumour Mill agree, what we can't argue is that Transdariania is in a far better place than it was prior to her administration.

Curse of the City Council
City Council member Natalia Derseblan, former Silver Swan courtesan and owner The Cat's Pajamas, was found dead on 22.IX.489. While details concerning the case or cause of death have been sparse and difficult to obtain, it has been confirmed by sources within the Civic Guard that the case is being treated as a homicide. We here at the Rumour Mill are awaiting an official statement concerning the investigation from the authorities, but we ask the public at large to come forth with any potential information they may have which will assist in catching the heinous criminal responsible for this act. At this point we can only speculate as to the identity or the motives behind this crime, did all of that anti-vampire sentiment finally draw out an angry bloodsucker for revenge? Was this a case of spurned romantic interests given her occupation? Was this an assassination based on political motivations? Investigative journalists here at the Rumour Mill don't know, but we're willing to suggest any of them.

The City Council; 100% Not Cursed, Honest
Speaking of city council members, or former ones as the case may be, multiple seats have been vacated through various means. Don't let one's potentially untimely demise serve as a roadblock to spreading your political wings, surely it's a small price to pay for doing ones civil duty and serving for the city's and its denizen's betterment. The Drachean City Council has empty seats and yours could be the rear-end that fills them. Our lawyers here at the Rumour Mill have indicated that we absolve our statements as no way being responsible for the deaths, maimings, political suicides and other such downfalls that may result from taking the advice in his article.

Flying In Style - An Investment Opportunity
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