A missive to Castle Black (25.VII.489)

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A missive to Castle Black (25.VII.489)

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*Penned in an austere manner upon a high quality strip of prepared vellum, adorned with the wax seal of Margrave Salksilek, which consists of three plum coloured poppy blossoms upon a rippling field of aegean blue, is addressed to the offices of Sithire at Castle Black.*
This missive is penned to keep Her Grace abreast of the current situation within the lands of Mhernettla, of which there has been considerable progress, assuredly due in large part to the group of representatives dispatched to accommodate the endeavor. This one's own efforts were set to task in discerning receptive individuals and aquiring their political support, of which adequate success has been gathered amongst a variety of noble lords and merchantile factions within the territory.

The destruction of Mazewood has played a suitable role in shifting influence in this matter in Transdariania's favour, as this one was not above reminding certain parties that Elgaria's inability to protect lands within its own borders, coupled with an almost inevitable violation of the mutual defense pact penned between the seven duchies after the war. If the situation escalates any further, they find themselves incapable of sending the appropriate forces and resources necessary to rout the hostile elements operating out of their own territory and threatening Transdariania's. Such an inability would serve to dissolve not only the mutual defense pact, but the assortment of trade agreements attached to it, which would further impact their current standing for the worse.

After having discussed these matters indepth, and on a personal level, this one wishes to address the particulars of the transition of Mhernettla's status as a protectorate-state of Transdariania, along with specific provisions they wish protected in the process. The most pressing, understandably, is honouring titles of peerage, knighthood, roles of governance and current land claims within the territory of Mhernettla, along with the rights and obligations associated with them, as well as honouring previous trade agreements. The use of undead for purposes of labour and other matters is common and heavily entwined in the success of some houses, this one seeks to abate concerns relating to potential persecution under any application of laws that may subvert these practices. This one advises that these practices be protected under the condition that only noble houses be availed such protection, as it is unwise to extend this decree to the common population.

The issue of Mazewood has left, as this one understands, mixed sentiments within Drache concerning the acceptance of refugees following its destruction. It would untentable if this one were to overlook the plight of these individuals, and as such an offer to accept them as vassals. If Her Grace would deign it, this one offers to allocate suitable resources and efforts to ensure their relocation and construction of new settlements, this one only requests the appropriate parcels of land in Mhernettla to accomodate these matters so they can be adequately tended under this one's purview. The elves of Mazewood have long since grown accustomed to the Elgar, they are equally wary as they are hardened to its rigours, and such an arrangement would undoubtedly suit them. Of course, it would also serve Trandariania to keep them close at hand, and more importantly, indebted to her efforts should their numbers be applicable in future endeavors.
- Arangire Uzzo Salksilek, Thron ul-Bain ul-Silbranth

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