Alfion's Possessions

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Alfion's Possessions

Post by Gudrun » Wed Aug 21, 2019 9:31 pm

Alfion had booked passage on a ship to Antara-Ethcabar under the name Gerd ul-Dorn Arlok, to depart 21.VIII.489. When he was a no show at the designated time for boarding and thus couldn’t pay the rest of his fee, his belongings stored on the ship were promptly turned over to the Port Authority. Port officials only meant to poke through it to catalogue items for storage - in case they get claimed or don’t and need to be disposed of in some manner.

There’s a bill of sale for a house in the Back Alley with the name Alfion ul-Dodurith Parrek on it. The sum on this piece of paper is meager, to be expected of a property in that neighborhood. A leather bound notebook is filled with scribblings. Most of it is unreadable chicken scratch and boring accounts of day to day activities - then there's something about getting rid of excess baggage and changing his face. Some key words and phrases stand out for how often they’re written: Night Association, merchant council, Linxia. A folded up parchment map of Antara-Ethcabar was slipped between the pages - not surprising given his destination. There aren’t any additional markings on the map by Alfion’s hand. Most of the items were fairly mundane like clothing and sundries.

Then when they uncovered a pouch containing a lock of raven black hair tied with red silk string, a set of fangs, and a vial of thick reddish-black liquid, they were, well, unsure of what these things meant or would be used for. It did however seem suspicious, so these possessions were turned over to the Bathiretil just in case. Thus Arms-Lieutenant Silverbow receives a package containing these things with a note explaining their findings at the Wharf District Garrison.

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